EbonStar Gene Unit

This was an idea I got at some point before TRS were thrown off Stage 2 - an idea for another gamemode for Stage 2, turning it into a 4v4 game, and so I invented a new team that the Hunters could face off against - the EbonStar Gene Unit. Humans enhanced by Monster RNA using bought technology from the Basilisk Nebula, the result was a perfect hybrid. However, when they were deployed on their first field test on Shear, they all went mad and now serve the Monsters.

Here are all my notes on the Gene Unit:

‘David’: The ‘David’ units are made with Goliath enhancements. They are physically strong and use brute force along with fire in their attacks. They serve as fast attackers and use blitzkrieg tactics.
Strength: Very High
Durability: High
Speed: High
Agility: Medium
Range: Short

Ability 1: Bullpup Assault Rifle
A compact Assault Rifle that is very effective at laying down lots of bullets towards an opponent with surprising accuracy to boot.
Ability 2: Slam
The David slams its arms into the ground, sending anything near it flying.
Ability 3: Fire Burst
The David spews a short burst of fire from its mouth.
Ability 4: Charge
The David charges forward, quickly covering ground and knocking away anything it hits.

‘Ahab’: The ‘Ahab’ units are made with Kraken enhancements. They use lightning and dark energy in their attacks, and specialize in ambushes and supporting the front line.
Strength: High
Durability: Medium
Speed: Medium
Agility: High
Range: High

Ability 1: Lightning Lash
A flexible whip impregnated with bohrium that the Ahab can channel dark energy through. It can both be used as a melee or a ranged weapon.
Ability 2: Thunderstrike
The Ahab reels back and then unleashes a blast of lightning.
Ability 3: Banshee Mine
Orbs of dark energy that arm themselves after a short time and then zoom towards something living and explodes.
Ability 4: Vortex
The Ahab creates a vortex of gravity that pushes away anything in front of it.

‘Charon’: The ‘Charon’ units are made with Wraith enhancements. They can cloak themselves at will and can teleport. They are usually used as snipers, but are also deadly assassins.
Strength: Medium
Durability: Medium
Speed: High
Agility: High
Range: High

Ability 1: Heavy Rail Rifle
A powerful anti-materiel rifle that can pierce through terrain over extreme ranges.
Ability 2: Adaptive Cloak
The Charon can turn invisible at will.
Ability 3: Assassinate
Abduction, but without pulling the Hunter with them.
Ability 4: Warp

‘Sword’: The ‘Sword’ units are made with Behemoth enhancements. They use exploding rocks and can give themselves rock armor to protect them. They are the front-line attackers.
Strength: High
Durability: Insane
Speed: Low
Agility: Low
Range: Short

Ability 1: Heavy Shotgun
High spread, explosive ammo. Go figure.
Ability 2: Rock Pike
The Sword summons a pike of rock at the target location which knocks back anything near it, and the pike itself explodes after a short period of time.
Ability 3: Lava Aura
The Sword leaves behind a trail of lava that hurts anything that touches it.
Ability 4: Rock Armor
The Sword conjures a layer of protective armor around itself made of rock.

‘Perseus’: The ‘Perseus’ units are made with Gorgon enhancements. They are prime ambushers and use acid and sticky webbing to set traps and make deadly hit-and-run attacks.
Strength: Medium
Durability: Medium
Speed: High
Agility: High
Range: Medium

Ability 1: Acid Spear
The Perseus can make spears of acid to throw that explode when impacting with something.
Ability 2: Web Trap
The Perseus hurls up a small patch of webbing that expands, trapping anyone within it in a wide radius if triggered.
Ability 3: Acid Spit
The Perseus hurls up a bunch of acid creating pools everywhere.
Ability 4: Mimic
The Perseus creates a copy of itself that explodes when killed.


I’d be interested to see what these things looked like. I am wondering though, where did “Jack” come from?

A placeholder. Their actual name is supposed to be Ahab.


Wow sick idea!1!