EbonStar Facility


So, in Refueling Tower, there’s an EbonStar facility in the South East of the map. Are there any conversations about it? It’s purpose? Lore? @Matthew?


It looks like a prison…


Doubt it, seeing as how Shear has no laws.

Unless they brought prisoners there… >.>


The river flows there, and the design in the back looks similar to that of the Dam. Perhaps that’s all there is to it?


As far as I’m concerned, it’s the connection between the Dam and Refueling Tower.


It could be. Sort of looks like it.

What I wanna know is why are A: The hunters all Shaq size or B: The doors to every building built for midgets?


Then that’s Willy Wonka’s factory and those are the entrances for the umpa lumpas


It’s a thing they did to save frame rate. Smaller doors and images in windows that bend inward. It’s really strange looking, but it’s necessary.


The doors aren’t that small in this game, they’re more just… like a tight fit. But it’s not like your character wouldn’t fit.

I think it’s more so just in general that it’s super easy to traverse through the map with a jetpack and the vast emptiness in most open areas that make it seem like very small architecture.

You’d be surprised by how long it took me to figure out that basically every map has slopes and main roads designed for vehicles.
Even Aviary and the Defend maps.


That edit though.

And yeah, they did a good job making the maps look like they had people living there and doing work.


If this map is indeed correct, then it isn’t a connection to The Dam

But this could just be thrown together for Evac


the Evac map is, in fact non-canon.

@CptBoomBoom maybe it’s a prison built for midgets?


Woman here, men here, and any gender that is below this size -lowers hand- must go in here!


funny, because a goliath is in a cage on the map too!


“What is this, a prison for ants?”


I was going to say something, but then I realized people probably wouldn’t know the youtuber I would have quoted.
Also if anyone could get Sunny to jetpack them upwards at take a picture of the back of Dam to see what it looks like?


yeah but the door still only comes up to chest height.


After Evac:
Hunter win on map: Emboldened by their success in trapping a Goliath at the refueling tower, colonists build more and better Monster traps for their next world.
Monster win on map: Without refueling towers, the survivors are isolated in small pockets across Shear, unable to help each other.


Oh, well that sucks.

Is there a canon one? And why does Matthew not respond? ;-;

I remember those evac threads, but not sure why you made this post, doesn’t seem related.


He likes to watch us suffer.