Ebon Star Soldier bug


Just wanted to report a strange bug that occured just a few hours after evolve launched (in Europe) on PC

Basically we were playing Skirmish (Hunt) on the map Medlab, when at some point our trapper (Maggie) died.
The player controlling Maggie left the game while waiting on the dropship, and suddenly an Ebon Star Soldier (or something very similar) dropped from the dropship instead of Maggie (we were NOT playing evacuation).

I’m not sure whether a new player already had joined or whether it was a bot at this point, but shortly after there was a new player that had joined that was controlling the Ebon Star Soldier (had the player name over it and everything)
I did see the Ebon Star Soldier player able to shoot at the monster and deal damage.
Daisy was still camping on Maggie’s body throughout the rest of this match, and the Ebon Star Soldier player even died and spawned with us on the dropship (he was actually right ontop of Markov inside the dropship for some reason, Maggie’s spot on the dropship was empty)

I was unable to take a screenshot as it just resulted in a screenshot of my desktop (playing full screen mode, print screen screenshots my desktop/browser instead of the game)

Also the mouse cursor bug can still happen!! (showing a menu mouse cursor besides the aim crosshair)


No character when you drop into game in progress

Wut.You found a secret character? :stuck_out_tongue:



Did it play any differently than Maggie did? Like did they drop harpoon traps and have a daisy?



definitely one of the strangest bugs I’ve seen so far! too bad I don’t know what it was like playing as the ebon star soldier



I saw this bug on the stream last night. It was pretty hilarious.



Did it play any differently than Maggie? Different slows or anything? Different weapon?



I didn’t see him using a single ability, just shooting, no mobile arena, no harpoon traps, and as I said Daisy was still camping the spot where Maggie had died earlier in the game (which allowed us all to respawn on the dropship at the same time)



How did he look?Was he different than any of the 12 hunters?



well it was kind of hectic, so I didn’t pay really close attention but in a glance it looked like an ebon star soldier from evacuation map bonus, or a survivor from rescue mode (it had the same purple health bar/icon like one of those)



Weird… I don’t know if I’d laugh more or rage more… I mean… The Ebonstar guy was nothing to ignore (As far as AI go, bit different if a Player was controlling him hehe), but missing that dome and Harpoons…

Interesting bug, yeah it’s good you brought that up O.o



we didn’t notice right away because the Maggie player that left the game seemed to be playing evolve for the first time (he went to 2 strikes and then death without using the mobile arena a single time, while we were all on 0 strikes at that point) we were laughing about it at the end, but were trying to focus on winning before that (3 man premade, managed to pull out a narrow win at the power relay still after a 20 minute game)

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Maggie has had enough of that monster sheit and took the day off.



its reproducible. not sure the chances though. some friends and i were fucking around in a custom game (not evac). ran markov all the way to the end of the map dam. disconnected to check something then reconnect. markov was slain while i was away. when the dropship spawned i became a generic EbonStar Soldier with parnells super shotgun, assaults personal shield, and hydes minigun. no item in the 3rd slot. did this twice now.



This happened to me too. I was playing as Val, then suddenly I was disconnected. So I tried to reconnect Only to fly in with the dropship and respawn as an ebonstar soldier.

As you can see there’s a Parnell right there, and me with the Parnell shotgun and Hyde minigun as well as a shield.



I know it’s just a bug at the moment, but any chance we could see some sort of ebon star or ex-ebon star soldier in an intentionally playable state @MacMan?

I just missed getting to actually use him. was dropping from the dropship when the round ended. :stuck_out_tongue:



Can confirm on the ebon star soldier spawning. It happened with this guy as Cabot, he died, we respawned in the drop ship, and he was a ebon star soldier.



They seem to be like parnell.

I found this video:



@MacMan The ebonstar soldier bug still persists.I just got into one.It happened as i joined a game in-progress while the ship was going to drop us down.


Evolve getting another update?

This has happened to me about twice, though it’s always someone else who IS the soldier. It’s very strange.