Eat an Elite w/o gaining Perk


In the event you need armor, and there are few if any meats around, should there be an ability to kill/eat an Elite without taking the perk?

Hunters can kill elites and choose to take the perk afterwards. Maybe an option where holding CROUCH while EATING will just eat the meat and not update the perk for monster?


There have been times when I didn’t want to lose the perk I was using, however I wasn’t ever in a position that would warrant me not able to find food. We know that common wildlife will spawn into the map over time and away from visible eyes. So I’m on the fence as I see both pros and cons. That being said, I wish I could ‘overeat’ a corpse (Spend twice as long to consume) to prevent Hunters from getting the perk :stuck_out_tongue:


The away from visible eyes is not correct, ive had steamadons spawn on me xD

I was looking around for food on T2, i killed the 2 ones on the left side of distillery, outside the small cave, then suddenly, 2 more popped from the wall, fast food i tell ya.


Nicey nice. I’m wondering what causes that then. I know that the Devs have stated that it is supposed to work if no one is in the area. Maybe the Hunters were so spread out that the game just chose a spot at random? Either way, free tasty meats :smiley:


They weren’t, the hunters shot me in the ass while i was finishing the last one off, i proceeded into running even with them SOMEHOW gaining 1 strike on the medic and the trapper.


When you see the hunter group for the first time and they already have several down :open_mouth:


Tyrants wreck hunters, that and Dbeetles, man, Dbeetles are scary as ****


Don’t forget those dreaded sloths and packs of leapords. And megamouths. And plants. And venom hounds. Don’t forget the phantoms.


Damn Venom Hounds are cannibals. I saw the bullets do poison damage perk and as I was heading to it, the damn things ate the body and then came after me >.<


Would be cool if they would absorb the perk that way, try and get one elite to eat another, eat that and get two perks :open_mouth:


For that I would purposely drag a Canyon Strider with Cooldown Reduction perk to a Sloth with 35% even if it took me half the match :stuck_out_tongue: 35% Damage + 50% Cooldown Reduction + 15% Armor Reduction.


Of course, the hunters would get you before that could happen, and then the perks would be op (moreso if they don’t overlap with the pre game perk)


Aren’t sloths herbivores? Just very territorial.

Now, drag a sloth over to a tyrant…+Damage and +Health Regen. Unstoppable!


Unless you are at full health :stuck_out_tongue:


TRS gib ability to bury corpses as Goliadog pls