Easy Way to Kill Hunters (or at least hassle them)


Simple trick that im preeeeeeety sure others have used to make hunters literally pull their hair off from frustration. Pretty much throughout every map youll find these tall rock structures that hunters painfully burn fuel to get on to. (I reccomend this to at least lvl 2 monsters, but if your expericend you can hit it at lvl1) Simple get them to notice you and climb up one of these 'ere cliffs and either swat at them when they climb up or pin one down as they consistently fail to revive him or shoot you to get you off one of their own. I’ve had a good laugh doing this and I’m sure as hell going to contine this on release. Besides watching out for orbital strikes and the occasional Cabot rail gun, you pretty much can fight the whole battle here. If they toss a toxic grenade just simply hop off to ine of the other rock cliffs.


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