Easy way to help medics heal better


So i have just been thinking since they added the active healing on players health bars ive come to think to myself that if this also showed up on the bottom left where all 4 of the hunters health bars show up (aka the hot swap wheel) it would help immensely. I cant tell you how many times two people are too close to each either and i dont see both of their health bars, also when your on the move with a medic such as EMET (and most of this topic is about him btw) the health bars are all behind me so they all group and i have to turn around to see each players health bar to see if they are in a healing bouy. All and all i feel like it would be nice to see this in game it would help me alot and i dont know if anyone else has thought about this but i thought id thow it out there! Thanks guyss


Woa. Not to be rude, but punctuation is pretty necessary.

But I think the Hotswap panel should light up whenever a team mate is close enough for the healing burst.

Same with Supports cloak


I hate when people say punctuation… Im on my phone i dont have a keyboard to type with i just wanted to voice opinions im not in school so id rather not just please… Also the support thing is kinda a givin and i say that only because if your trying to do it you prob will but i dont play support ever so i dont know your pain


I happen to enjoy this idea, it would help out a few people. But I feel as though medics need to look at the player’s characters to do proper healing for a number of different reasons.


Now, see sir, i dont understand you


Let’s keep on topic everyone. We have a good idea here, let’s not lose sight of it.


What would you suggest?


I suggest removing all the off-topic posts to keep it tidy and on-topic.


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Alright, I was asking because this forum brings in a lot of people from various countries, not all of which speak or write in English, and I wanted to ascertain if that was the case. I’m confused as to what you’re referring to when you say the ‘healing lines’. Do you mean you’d like to see the icons for the various hunter classes in the bottom left of the screen show the arrow that indicates that they are actively being healed?


Ok then sounds like a plan boss thanks guys


Yes for lack of a better term or thought at that moment i said lines lol sorry


Alright, that makes sense. I can definitely understand why you say that. I have really bad eyesight in my right eye and a lot of times it can be hard for me to see who/what/where exactly I’m pointing at. I mostly play Caira or Emet, so I don’t pay much attention to individual health bars, but in the case of say, Val, this might be helpful. I have no idea how difficult it’d be to implement though.


IM sorry man.

Im sure theres a period on your phone.


Right, i dont play ciara myself but i play ALOT of EMET and rouge val so i see the active healing above players health bars almost every game. So when playing as EMET i have to look at the player to see if they are being actively healed vs being able to just know on the fly


… There is


Hm. And I’d imagine that since it’s a passive regen it goes up gradually by tiny amounts, so it’s not a case of ‘Just look and see if their health is going up’. Especially if you are somewhat visually impaired or play on a smaller screen. It sounds like it’d be simple enough to amend, and it might make a more significant impact than we will be able to predict.


This is true. Although me playing medic only i have the problem many many times, i would just like to see it implemented to help me or other medics that play EMET or rouge val or any other medic in the future that has a passive healing ability.


Sorry to bother you, but do you know any Devs I could tag? This seems like something worth bringing to their attention.