Easy way to earn Elite for Emet, Video Guide


Here is a quick video guide to a relatively easy and consistent method to solo farm Emet and earn Elite for the Respawn Beacon:

Emet Mastery
Solo Mode Suggestion (for lazy people like me)
Is anybody here who got Emet's mastery in a legit/fair way?

I feel that the best one for T3 Respawn Beacon is the following:

Favors Monster
Sudden Death disabled
3 Matches to win
Infinite time limit
0 Strikes

Broken Hills Murder Pits

(I find that these 3 other Hunters do the least amount of damage meaning you can farm over and over. I got 16 in on ‘match’ while farming my healing buoys as well)

Perk = Movement speed

Goal: Just wait for the first 2 hunters to die. If the assault is already dead, feel free to play the beacon when the monster is engaged with the last hunter (Make sure you are 60-70 meters away) Then just avoid monster once the last hunter is dead. If the assault is the last man alive, wait until he has ~40-50% HP and then dump it. Also, be aware of his personal shield but generally Behemoth chews through it quickly.


The first method is good for 1-2, otherwise I agree with @maddcow it’s what I’ve been doing since yesterday


Thanks! People should use whatever works for them.

I was clearing 3 in a 5 minute match, figure one minute between matches and it takes 2 hours with my method (more like 2.5 hours to account for bad luck). My method also does not require much kiting, and resets the setup after each respawn. If the kiting method works for you and is faster then definitely go with that. If you are having trouble getting multiple respawns in a single match, or it is slower than 3 in 5 minutes then my method might help.


I mostly did it because the biggest time sink was the loading of levels so I figured to cram asmuch as I could between those. Either way you also had the right idea :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool guide. Thanks man


Thanks for the vid, I didn’t think of doing it this way and thought I’d have to grind in multiplayer. Just thought that the x4 dmg boost will also help a lot getting your t1/2 finger weapon masteries


what if u dont hav sunny


Use Cabot.


Try Cabot. He does a bit less dmg than Bucket so the monster doesn’t die as fast. Hank provides too much sustain.


We had a similar team. Except I went with Maggie over griffin. Only because the monster would focus Daisy before coming to look for me and that bought me extra time if needed.
I used the same arena set up though and maps.

I was getting like 5-6 a round. It took me one whole match to end up with 15 respawns lol.


There are two blind spots for AI in Wraith Trap map for two arena maps. If you are last standing you can wait there while beacon reloading and monster ignores you gaining armor (after that he just walking around the dome^^). Then spawn, return to spot, they appear, got killed … it’s faster than avoiding monster accross the dome.


If you can, post screen shots of the blind spots for anyone that might want to use them!



almost elited emet, got 30/60 at the last star for the respawn beacon. Thanks for your tips!


Glad they helped :slight_smile:


I had a friend get EMET elite today and here is ONE match he did.

Notice this was a 40 MIN match of arena! :smile:


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