Easy to make and delicious meals


So, got home and made an incredible bowl of mac and cheese today and I was wondering about easy, cheap, delicious, and optionally health meals.
For my mac and cheese, I made a basic box of mac and cheese (kraft), and added garlic, chili powder, salt, pepper, and rosemary. Turned out great and a is a nice twist on regular mac and cheese. Takes about 15 minutes to make.
My only other easy meal would be sweet and sour talapia. Just bake a couple of filets, make some instant white rice, and top with some sweet and sour sauce. I bake my tilapia at 450 for about 18 min. Don’t forget to add some vegetable oil in the bottom of the pan before baking. Time to make ~25 minutes. Note: tilapia is a great fish because it doesn’t have that fishy aftertaste.
Please post your easy recipies here for those of us who are either too poor, too lazy, or too busy to spend much time on cooking


I like to mix my Mac N Cheese with a can of diced tomatoes and chilies. Gives it a nice little kick :smile:


What do you define as easy? Making beans is easy, just takes time.
Heat the beans up while you cook some onions, garlic and bell peppers in a pan with whatever oil you use (I also add chopped carrots sometimes for sweet flavors), blend the cooked vegetables (I also add a couple of habanero peppers while blending) then add them to the beans, you now have a couple hours of video games while you simmer the beans :stuck_out_tongue:

And now you can reheat some rice and beans quickly as well (is it a coincidence that I just made beans today?.. Yes… Going to marinate chicken for some fajitas Wednesday :smiley:)


If you want a really satisfying Miso Soup variation, I found that boiling green onions and noodles in a 50/50 mix of beef and chicken broth is quite good. It’s better than what most restaurants serve in my opinion!


Oh, cheap and fast, chopped onions, cook them until they are translucent (Salt and pepper/other spice em) crack an egg or two on top and stir it around, pretty good, fast and cheap


I also meant quick or very little prep required. @Takran, how long do you usually cook for?


About 12 minutes, give or take. It depends on how al-dente you like the noodles.


Sounds really good, might have to make some. Do you add any spices as well or do you just use what you listed. Also, what kind of noodles do you recommend? (Trying to vary up my culinary skills a bit and I guess I’m looking for instructions on the recipes as well lol. I hope most people know how to follow directions on a box of Mac and Cheese or instant rice)


Oh, another recipe “Fried mac and cheese” not so much the healthy (depending on your ingredients it doesn’t have to be that bad) but very much the tasty, I kinda made this on a camping trip from a “camping food” type book, but it works in the real world as well. Boil some macaroni noodles then fry them (Olive oil gives the best taste) season em then when they have all been cooked just a tiny bit throw some shredded cheese in, I like to make mine spicy but you can season it however you like.

What I put in, Salt in the water for the macaroni, crushed peppercorn, oregano and either a hot sauce or chili powder when in the pan frying


If ya want something for breakfast, a french/canadian recipe from my grandmother is just scrambled eggs and you mix in some maple syrup (a fair amount, but not a ton) then just a little bit of milk, little salt and pepper. It’s actually quite delicious.

Lunch? Instead of grilled cheese, make a panini. Throw on a little cut up tomato and maybe some cut up spinach leaves or lettuce and some meat. Always good and reasonably good for ya.

Dinner I love to kill a few hunters and grill them up with my fire breath. They’re pretty lean and Lazarus can’t revive them after that. Oh… wait a second… I almost forgot to mention add a little rock throw in there to make the meat more tender. Enjoy!


If it’s Lunch or Dinner sometimes I get pasta sauce (can be alfredo/tomato sauce), cook some rice, heat up the sauce, throw the rice in mix it and serve it with leftover meat/seafood and veggies.

It’s a super simpified version of Hong-Kong style cuisine where you mix western and eastern flavours together. If I was being proper I’d use fried pork chops or shrimp/scallops.

I tend to have lot of leftovers around so it’s a good way to get rid of it. =D


Get some crushed ginger and crushed garlic. Quickly chop some broccoli and mushroom, fry in a pan with a little oil with the ginger and garlic. meanwhile have some water hot (not boiling) and cook some egg noodles. After about 4-5 mins everything will be cooked. Mix together in the pan with the vegetables, get some oyster or teriyaki sauce (or just some plain old soy for cheaper option) and apply to taste. Yum.

Or, one of my favourite quick lunch options has always been… get some prawns (or chicken, or mushrooms) frying for 2 minutes, add some chopped spring onions if you can. Meanwhile take 4 eggs, in to a jug, beat and then add to the pan and stir everything together. When it is starting to firm but isn’t set, fold roughly in half. A nice thick omelette, kind of chinese style! Great to add some chinese oyster sauce over.

Or even simpler, just a plain old omelette. Get some sliced meat, forked fish or chopped veg and cook/fry so that it is ready. Then take 3-5 eggs and beat in a jug (with less eggs, you might want to add some milk to up the volume) and put in a frying pan. Let it cook until the edges are firm then sprinkle your meat/fish/veg on top. Grate on some parmesan cheese and then transfer the pan to under a grill.

All of these take no more than 10 minutes, and are pretty healthy for you too.


I have a secret for Ramen. Cook the Ramen first, drain, then in a shot glass or something mix the powder flavoring with a bit of water and pour over the noodles. It’s like Ramen you’ve never tasted before…kicks it up a notch!

But if you want something nicer…and like shrimp…I might suggest you saute them in a skillet with some lemon pepper and lemon juice. Add hot sauce to taste! YUMMY!


Not sure if this one is healthy, but it has Banana!! I have it for breakfast every now and then, it only takes about 10 minutes. I guess it could also be a quick desert too…

  1. Put 2 pieces of bread in the toaster and Cut 2 Banana’s (one fore each toast) into medium slices
  2. Fry both sides in butter until lightly brown
  3. Put Banana on toast and with the butter still in the pan/pot add a medium spoon of sugar (DON’T MIX or it will be lumpy)
  4. Add Milk and stir with a fork until the sugar is mixed into the milk and butter, it should start bubbling
  5. Let it bubble for about 30 secounds then pour over the Banana on toast

WOILA!! It’s basically caramel (Not as sweet) on Banana Toast, it taste’s good


Also, for a nice snack, get a bag of ramen, cut open the top and pour a tiny amount of the seasoning into the bag and shake it for 30 seconds. Makes an amazing flavored cracker and a great snack


Oooh, I will have to try that!


It does tend to get slightly messy as the noodles fly everywhere when they break lol. Have only tried it on the chicken flavored ones.


Tfw nothing tastes like anything. I just eat food components, instead of making something good. :3


Marinate chicken in masala, chili, and mayonnaise. Throw the meat- and all the masala/chili/mayo- into a pot of boiling water. Chop up chilies, mint leaves, and coriander, and throw them in. Let it all stew for about 30 minutes, and BAM. The most delicious stew ever. Goes well with bread, rice, or noodles.


Are you saying if you want to eat a cake then you just shove all of the ingredients into your mouth at once? :wink: