Easter special?


So since its Easter soon can we have a bunny skin for funny gameplay or something


I want this skin.



Throw random cupcakes in the maps that anyone can collect to fill up a community cupcake meter.

If the community finds enough cupcakes, they get [x] and a special cupcake icon!

Easter TRS style.


Supposedly there are already a few on the maps. One of the devs say they found 3 so far but won’t tell cuz dev reasons


I say go crazy with it on Easter.


Hahaha. How funny. So nice of you. Excellent work. Eye bleach, please.

Give me a while to gather my LOLNOPE memes.


You know we love you.


Easter = Lazarurs Challenge


Pastel monster skins.


Yeah I’m not religious so don’t get pissed if i fuck up here. There’s a bible verse or something and it goes along the lines of “Jesus was like, ARISE bro, and so he brought a dude back to life after he was straight up dead for a few days.” That’s guys name was Lazarus.

I’m betting that scripture of the gods is why the company that created the Revivifier called there soldiers Lazarus Men. Combat medics that will bring you back from the fucking dead. “Arise!” Lazarus says it in combat, and its carved into his Elite Revivifier . That’s what Jesus said when he brought Lazarus back to life in the scripture

Thus, it only makes sense that Easter gets a Lazarus community challenge, because it a holiday about Jesus coming back to life and eggs and chocolate. If we get any other hunter challenge on Easter I will be disappointed


Actually he just said “Get up and walk” or something along those lines. It varies from version to version but usually Jesus never said anything as melodramatic as “Arise!” :stuck_out_tongue:


They tag you into all the bunny threads. :laughing:


I know. Bunch of…


Where is MidnightMonash and what have you done


You don’t like her new name? :cry:


Gone with the wind, mate. Flowers only last so long.

…Before they change their name to be more fitting and match their Steam IDs.


Eh, like I said id probably fuck up. I only made the connection after seeing a preview of a movie that had a version of the quote. The movie trailer was for ‘The Lazarus Effect’


Ah, I saw that trailer as well. :smile: You didn’t really mess up. I think there is one old manuscript in which he does say “Arise, Lazarus” and I do believe that the Dead Sea Scrolls have the Aramaic word for “arise” or something similar. So you were right, in a way.

And I have not derailed this topic because you said Easter! :stuck_out_tongue:


RIP MidnightMonash… You’ve evolved to stage two


Kill that with acid please