Easter Eggs inside Evolve

Easter Eggs, the thing everyone loves to find and reveal.

They’re special inside games - they include humor of the developers.

Would anyone guess what the developers would include inside Evolve? Would it be an Easter egg from Left 4 Dead?

Could you guys give it a guess? Personally I think thee would be some kind of Easter Egg regarding Left 4 Dead.

Share your thoughts! :smiley:

Id love to see a map where some parts of L4D-maps are mixed in! Not the easter egg you have to look for, but a nice tribute!

It’d be a fun little reference to L4D if they put pain pills in the “out of bouds” area of a map. If you do the marker thing (I can’t remember its exact name) your character yells “pills here!”


Perhaps an old, mossy gnome somewhere in the jungle, … ?

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Gnome! Everybody loves Gnomes! :slight_smile:

hmm two ideas pop into mind.

At a certain angle on a map. the background mountains form the turtle rock logo

also teasers. Im pretty sure they have dlc monsters ready in the lineup. it would be sick to see quick flashes of sillouettes very rarely in the background of another lurking “beast” that doesnt look like kraken or goliath or the others. could do the same for hunter dlc by mentioning stuff in dialogue something like val saying " oh boy, if HE has to come out and handle this on his own. were all in deep shyt"

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I’m just really hoping there is some kind of “get cupcaked” Easter egg somewhere (in reference to the development build where killing a monster turned it into a cupcake).

Yeah :smile: I wouldn’t mind seeing a gnome chompski hidden somewhere! Or maybe some sort of outlandish half-life 3 joke (Cause why not at this point)

I definitely love the idea of gnome chompski appearing! Mustachio also really should appear somewhere! Maybe an oak tree that screams would be appropriate too. :smiley: References to other games the devs have worked on is also fun. They’re like little cameos! Everyone loves easter eggs!

There may be an open source cloud solution out there that, when put in the right state, will log an info message “Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.” on a result 88 from one of its subsystems I may have had something to do with… Even non game-developers love easter eggs. :wink: EDIT: Oh yeah…and it’s possible to get a certain obscure bootloader to print “So long, and thanks for all the fish!” when you put a 42 off by itself on the initrd line.

Building off your point of previous work by them - would be funny to hear “I hate -plural noun-” at any point

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I’d like to see the Predator as an unlockable easter egg monster :smile:

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There’s achievement called - “Left For Dead”. :smile:

0_0 This is amazing, this needs to happen. Either a predator easter egg or an ALIEN easter egg. 0_0

i found one i guess

did you notice that before?

There is a cupcake easter egg. Whenever you are in the dropship and you play as support, look to the far right, and right when you jump out of the dropship your character will yank his head downward to see a cupcake inside one of the lockers on the right side of the dropship. You can only see the cupcake when you are support and right as you jump out.

We already have hidden cupcakes. and sunny has a cupcake you unlock when you elite her