Easing up on Matchmaking's Rank Based Searches


I’m finding that getting into matches in many occasions can take a long time. In skirmish this is less palpable but it is brutal in Evac. No doubt this is thanks to the declining player population on PC. When I’m in the matcher with my friends we will very often encounter bot matches that are never joined after about 3-5 minutes of searching. It is in fact easier for us to get into a match by queuing solo and joining on whoever has a free slot on their lobby, even in skirmish. This might be in part because the matchmaker looks for people around your rank to pair you up with and only very rarely does it bother to look any lower than 30.

Usually this is a sound idea, but on Evac, I think it might be better to let the matcher just pair you up with whoever…

A mismatched game is better than no game at all. Not that being 40 makes people excellent players. I’ve found that I actually spend a great deal of time just looking for match instead of playing, a frustrating realization.

During prime time this becomes less of an issue, but it’d be nice to be able to play something other than Hunt, Hunt, Hunt, Hunt and then some more Hunt during off hours.

Is this something that you’ve considered or is something like this out of the question? I ask not only for myself, but for my friends, who otherwise enjoy the game but often complain that we can’t find any matches and that we have to jump through hoops just to play.

Edit: Right now, as of this very moment, I have been in the matchmaker for 10 minutes waiting to find an Evac match. This is what I mean, it’s virtually impossible to play anything but skirmish.


Evac is less played than Hunt, so that’s to be expected. The reason you have trouble finding matches as a premade, is because lots of other people are playing premades lately as well.

It’s like trying to fit a group of 4, with a group of 2. Numbers don’t match, so you can never join together. But if you join solo, you can fit into those odd groups; and play more often than other premades.