Easing In A New Player Into Evolve


I bought evolve with the first season pass a few months ago (maybe more than a few) cause of gameplay videos. I LOVE games with classes and roles to play like Killing Floor, Destiny, Guild Wars 2, etc.

But I was overwhelmed in the tutorials (only did monster and assault) and felt very out of my depth. I take everything seriously so I like being prepared for everything I do. Being so overwhelmed made me feel annoyed so I stopped before I even attempted a single match.

Stuff was happening (IRL and in gaming life) so I uninstalled it till I could find some time and actually learn the ins and outs. Recently retired from Destiny’s pvp (to have more time for life…and my 2015 and slowly growing 2016 backlogs) so suddenly a lot of free time.

I have been lurking around these forums, reading threads and whatnot, to get ready for Evolve again. I have quite a few threads bookmarked to post in (such as the PS4’s Evolve group) when I do finish downloading the game and have tried to consume as much info as I can on a purely theoretical manner.

Point is:

What else should I be doing as it downloads?

I narrowed down my focus to hunters only because I’m neurotic (clearly) and don’t want to also add monster strategies to the mix. I already have a decent idea what characters to main (Val, Sunny, EMET, etc.) but you know what else?

I’m not only looking for stuff to read or watch that explains the general mechanics, but also how the gameplay flow and progression systems work, and basically anything else someone like me can latch on to.

For context i’m the type that plays Atelier games with a browser window open so I can look up how best to do everything as cleanly, painlessly, comfortably, and efficiently as possible. I’m also the type that wants to know (or at least have an idea) of how a game works so I can visualize it and go to work on it.

Please and thank you?

Looking For Willing Hunters (PS4)

@MaddCow has a lot of good videos and is very knowledgeable. Check out his Youtube channel.


EDIT: Before the game released I watched a lot of Twitch and Youtube to understand what each class was supposed to do. I still watch sometimes.


This is a playlist of quite a few strategy guides for most of the hunters, monsters and modes. Personally I don’t agree with everything he says, but they are informative, and the more info the better.


Well…starting with hunters only is a good choice. Playing as a monster is much harder…you must know all the hunter characters and their skills/abilities so you know how to counter them. You must also be aware of where they are at all times.

I started the game playing as a monster…and well, lost almost all the time, i had win rate of 10%.
As a hunter, i had 35% win rate. If you play as a hunter, you dont have to do all the work yourself. You may get team mates that are more skilled than you, and compensate your lack of skill.

The main simple rules to keep in mind as a hunter:

  1. When you encounter the monster, try to stay on high ground. Climb on top of whatever is available.
  2. Stay close to your team mates, but not so close that the monster can hit multiple hunters at the same time, or jump from one hunter to another quickly
  3. If you are the medic - healing comes first, attacking second
  4. If you are support - shielding assult / others comes first, attacking second.
  5. If you have lost 2 of your team mates, and 3rd one is about to die, then run, and hide. Try to wait out the dropship timer.
  6. Dont waste your time attacking wildlife, you are just creating food for the monster.
  7. Listen to the sounds in game - they quite often give away monsters locaiton


When I first began my foray into Evolve I was really keen to try out the Medic role, but quickly got disheartened as the Monster AI continually focused almost exclusively on me. After being pummelled into the ground for the umpteenth time I almost gave up on what I perceived to be crazy learning curve…but then I left it for a bit and came back to try out one of the other classes.

Thank goodness I did because it made picking up the game so much easier and kept me interested enough to learn the dynamics properly before going back to Medic, which is now my Main. My advice is to try one of the other classes as you begin (Assault is a good one due to the fact that it’s only responsibility is to do damage) while you are starting out in your first few matches. Meanwhile, observe what the other roles do and (more importantly) when they do it. Once you feel comfortable, give the others a go.

The AI has certain programming which can make learning hard in your first few matches if you are not expecting it. Is the Monster wanting to fight? It will focus the medic. Is it domed and wanting to escape ASAP? It will focus the Trapper. Etc, etc, etc. It won’t be too long before you understand the nuances such as this and can prepare yourself accordingly. Find a class/character that feels good for your play style and learn/experiment. Don’t be afraid to try different ones while you pick up the mechanics of the game. You can always go back later to the others once you know how to dodge with Val or kite with Griffin, etc.

Enjoy your time on the Hunt and welcome to Shear! :smile:


The foundation of every aspect of the game for the hunters is built on a foundation of jetpack management. If you don’t learn how to effectively manage your jetpack you will have trouble catching the monster, you will have poor positioning to help your team in your role, and you will get downed quickly because you won’t be able to dodge. Before you focus on anything else you need to practice good jetpack management and make it a habit so you can then focus on the job of your current class of hunter.

There are a couple of good videos on Youtube if you search for Evolve Jetpack Management. One is pretty recent. You should also do a search on the forums, then play solo and practice the techniques. Play as medic against bot monsters in arena to practice dodging their attacks. You have to learn to anticipate and time the cooldowns for each monster’s ability, and which abilities need to be dodged and which should be tanked. Once you can traverse a map in hunt without using up all your jetpack, and dodge attacks in arena you will be able to focus on a particular class and individual hunter skills, and be an above average player.


Go to virtually any Evolve stream and ask them to do the next game with a ‘play by play’ of their thought process; What they do and why.

It’ll allow you to start seeing the important things to pay attention to and get you in the right mentality when playing, as well as have an easier time visualizing how everything works.


Definitely make a point to watch Maddcow’s videos, they’re great. And I would suggest not limiting yourself to only hunters. An important part of being a good monster is understanding how to break the hunters apart and take advantage of weaknesses which is also extremely important for hunters to understand to avoid the situations a monster will try to put them in.



Ooooh Abe looks REALLY fun. Thanks for that playlist, will sift through it bit by bit.

Also have @MaddCow’s channel bookmarked.

Jetpack management? Maybe all that skating around with the Titan in Destiny will have applications on Evolve haha.

Feel a little more ready. Just need to watch videos, read a little bit more, maybe interact with some streamers, and try my hand at solo play (or find people willing to carry a greenie).

Will focus on hunters till I feel I can switch between most of them without feeling overwhelmed before going monster.

Thanks everybody!


This was something I disliked about the tutorial where you play Markov, he kills wildlife so as not to leave food for the Monster, but that doesn’t really help at all. It’s only wasting time since the wildlife will continue to spawn


Yup, and…i as a monster quite often will circle back to where hunters have been, to get free food :slightly_smiling:


Abe is rather unique and it is kind of funny to listen to him swear like a sailor. The tracking dart gun is pretty handy, just tag every living thing you see and if the monster eats it the monster carries the tag for 45 seconds. Then if you are good at throwing grenades his stasis grenades can be a nightmare for monsters so just keep throwing them.


My grenade game is on point, so all that sounds very promising.


Think i’m going to start with Val instead of a trapper…


i have no clue. I have more friends that own evolve over any other game in my steam library, and somehow only like 2 play, and not with me. I have tried and failed endlessly to attract my friends to the game.


That’s odd.

Asked them why?


I’d be leery of some tutorial videos, as they may be outdated for current version of evolve… For example: in this video they talk about Griffin having 5 sound spikes, that’s not the case anymore… Currently he has 3, but with a better overall and sneak detecting range, and can detect Monster anywhere on evolve… Stick to solo with a new character till at least you have one star in each ability, you’ll have a better understanding of the character strengths and weakness before going up against a monster player… And will understand that every character plays very differently, even with in the same classes, and every team fighting and tracking strategies change slightly based on team comp… There’s a lot of depth to evolve, don’t be overwhelmed, just have fun… Happy hunting :wraith:


I think it’s because I only ever confront them about it when they are alone in public restrooms. They just don’t feel like getting over the learning curve or getting wrapped up in the meta of a complex game. Because the Left for Dead angle was pronounced in the marketing, they figured it’d be like L4D. Something you can just pick up and play with ease and have fun.


I would recommend playing co-op vs AI evacuation. Lots of experience to lvl up and you get to experience different game modes. Also, you learn team coordination pretty decently.


Personally I really like Val. The few games I play online I always go for Val and when I play solo, being I can play however I want and can only blame myself for a poor outcome I play as Rogue Val. I find that RV is a little stronger in the damage department with a little hit to outright healing, which when alone doesn’t matter as much.