Easiest way to get Slim level 3 Leech gun and Spore Cloud Launcher?

So Ive got the healing drone all the way done, but im not sure what the easiest way to level up his leech gun and spore cloud launcher without getting friends together and boosting. Or is it basically impossible to level it up without friends? I got 2 of the leech guns, but that’s because the monster ragequit at the moment and I just spammed the leech gun and healing burst. Can anyone help me out?

Im guessing you want to do it online as a challenge? If so its either uou get super lucky or you will probably need friends to help you out.

I don’t believe the Leech Gun specifically says it has to be shooting the monster, so, do it to Mammoth birds or other wildlife.

As for the Spore cloud, rescue mode is your best bet.

for the leech gun (IIRC it’s 2 bursts within x seconds). just shoot big wildlife. it’s easier to hit and counts as well.

spore cloud: rescue mode. back when i did it wildlife also worked, but i think they fixed that, so you’ll have to wait for the monster.

When you’re able to complete his level 3 leech gun you’re at the level you need to be to face pubs. If you aren’t able to get 2 bursts off of nearly every mag then you’re playing slim poorly.


Sit on the generator in defend and just spam leech gun and heal burst on the minions

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id like to challenge myself, but ive been trying it for a while

yeah 2 bursts within 3 seconds

and just wait for the monster to show up?

Try evacuation and revive the survivors and just spore cloud the monster non-stop.

Leech Gun accuracy is dynamic - when the Monster is attacking another target, if you stand completely stationary and fire with taps a little under a second apart you can rebuild the healing burst in just two hits because every pellet will hit. Hammer your healing burst button while you do it so that your burst is activated the instant it’s available and you’ll get your Leech Gun mastery. I did it just through natural play in about six full Arena matches.

Spore Cloud Launcher’s a different matter - someone being down, sporing the Monster, then reviving is situational and not all that likely to happen in an Arena (where most Masteries are best accomplished) since the Monster will make finishing off an incapacitated Hunter a priority. This is the Mastery I’ve yet to elite myself, and I can’t advise.

well, the defend strategy shooting the minions and leveling up the leech gun worked, got that in 1 defend match (48 times I got 2 bursts within 3 seconds! Holy Cow!) now its just 4 more revives with the spore cloud, but as you said, the arena isn’t a good place for that, as the monster usually focuses down that hunter before goin to the next one

strategy worked, I thank you for that tip! now on to the spore cloud :frowning:

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I can’ t remember if I 3 star’d his spore gun before or after Lennox but I also used the “shoot spore clouds at wildlife and revive” technique. Honestly, its a pretty dumb challenge. You’re better off trying to pick up downed ppl with normal healing anyway which allows you to heal everyone else as well.

Spore gun is easy. Just throw it on a plant and revive someone on rescue. Barracks with electric fence map perk makes this really easy. Chuck a spore grenade on the plant and then bug revive the team. Best used without Maggie as Daisy rescues really fast.

you mean like a carnivorous plant? that actually works? or did you mean something else? haha im confused

Ya, the carnivorous plant. It worked when Slim first came out, dunno if they patched it or not. The game considered wildlife the same as a monster. Because plants were stationary, they made easy targets to spore and then bug rez the survivors.

allright haha well I got it, finally! the rescue on barracks with the forcefield definitely helped… thanks all for the suggestions! this topic can be closed now!

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Glad we could help :slight_smile: