Earthfall megathread: The chimera bastard baby of Evolve, Killing Floor and L4D




Steam page.

gameplay: (note its from 2016, so graphics and stuff might be outdated)

official website:

Rumored to be priced at $30 USD.


People talk how there’s a pvp mode but I can’t find any damn info. XD


This looks promising


I dunno. I mean, the monsters look okay, but the weapons especially seem very bland. Overall the game seems a bit too ‘inspired’ by the games you mentioned.

I mean, I’ll keep an eye on it, but I probably won’t be buying it anytime soon


holy shit it looks like they just ripped and retextured shit from l4d and killing floor. yeah pass…


I’m looking into the game, but what I’m worried about the game is how much support the game will get after release. The dev team I’ve heard is made out of a really really small team and I doubt they can realistically support the game with content.


Saying its a steel is a bit of a stretch, but yeah I do believe the game struggles aesthetically trying to differentiate itself from the three franchise.


saying that it’s a steal of TRS is incorrect. Those monsters look nothing like anything TRS has made.

The game itself looks ok. The weapon handling looks god awful and the monster animations look meh at best, but it still looks okay none the less.


So far I haven’t noticed being able to control any of the aliens, which is kinda disappointing. It doesn’t really speak to me and looks a bit more like L4D but with aliens.

Also no storyline promise, perhaps some better cutscenes. AI definitely needs work as well.

P.S. Seems there is a storyline, but needs to advertise this more.


I feel as though I’ve said something mean. :confounded: :db_stealth_kappa:


Seems… like a majorrrrer carbon copy of L4D. I’ll wait to pass judgement though.


Yeah it seems campaigns might be a thing. according to teh website.

multiple Campaigns
Each campaign tells a story across several missions, allowing players to dive in and experience diverse settings and mission types, across an authentic depiction of the Pacific Northwest


Looks okay. But I’d need to see a fair bit more before I could really build a solid opinion of it.


Looks like we’d be getting about a dozen or so aliens according to their gamepedia.

yeah teh weapons look trash, hope they handle better than they look. XD


I’ll just wait for it to be shown by youtubers. If I like it, I’ll buy it.

My main problems are what other people have said:

  • L4D but with alien monsters (swarms of AI, plus that Tnak-looking thing) Not to mention the graphics during the day look bland, but at night there is more natural aspects about it.

  • Killing Floor guns, that look very very bland. Why not some extreme DIY guns or at the very least paint-themed guns.

  • Story mode?

  • With the UI they showed, it looked shoddy, but if it’s made for VR then I’ll pass, as I’m not a fan of VR games, just because the complexity they lack.

But I’ll keep this on my radar.


there’s a story mode, multiple campaigns in the style l4d does likely.