Earning Skins?


I was reading through the AMA just now, and something interesting caught my eye:

So we know about the progression system skins, and I’m totally pumped for that, but now I’m curious: is this referring to purchasable DLC skins, or is there going to be some kind of Meta-Game to earn new skins?

I’ve always had mixed feelings about the whole game out of the game concept. On one hand, I love the thrill of the hunt in finding content from obscure places. On the other hand, I can’t stand when I miss an opportunity because I either didn’t hear about it or couldn’t attend it or was traveling/busy when it happened, etc. If it happens, I hope it isn’t time/space limited (for accessibility) and that we can make a hub of sorts to keep track of it.

So I suppose I am making this thread for two reasons: I am curious about what was meant in the answer, and I am curious to hear what the rest of the community thinks about an out of game hunt.


Well, the answer is purposefully vague…it’s a tease.

There will be skins you unlock, there are some skins you can buy, I guess we’ve got some skins being used as a pre-order bonus at Gamestop. :expressionless: and then there are sopme skins you can get, ‘other ways.’ More info on that soon.

I am worried about the new skins

Mysterious! I look forward to seeing how it develops. Seeing how this is one of the only games I am super excited for, I intend to do a bit of collecting where I can. I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground for sure!


One more woodstick to add to the fire Takran :smiley:


I won’t throw a BF, as long as those skins, or any other content offered as pre-order bonuses are released to those of us who don’t buy a game from a certain retailer.


Yeah, not 100% sure how 2K plans to do it, but I can ask.


Can someone give me a link to the AMA plz


I know you guys can only do so much, but I do appreciate the effort.



Thnx by the way saw your post about pming u for that survey link, tried to pm you and it said “Archetype can’t send pm to this person”


Is it going to be something like Shift Codes for Borderlands?


The private message thing is slightly borked. You still need to input their name in the top field.


Aha! That was my question there! I’m so proud. :blush:

I’m guessing that these extra means are community related quests, such as facebooking X number of people into something, or answering questions correctly about the game on a challenge, or hunting for codes given away at certain events, that kind of thing. And I’m also imagining that these will have some sort of time and space limitation like you feared, however. They might just be somewhat reasonable, though.
Maybe even things concerning 2K’s other games.


“Maybe even things concerning 2K’s other games”…I want a Songbird skin for Kraken :grin:


Claptrap skin and voice for Bucket :smiley: “Hey Meatwads. Open your eyeholes. There is a big scary thing over there. Go get it!”


Just heard back from the guys at 2K, the Gamespot skins are a 30 day exclusive, and then will be available in the store.


Don’t suppose we can poke at the price point pretty please? :smiley:


That is wonderful news! Timed exclusives are nice since they don’t put a permanent block on availability.



Haha, I don’t know what thats from but it’s hilarious.