Earning silver keys is just way too slow


I just got into the game a few days ago and I don’t really have many complaints except one. On average I receive about 70-120 keys per game, not counting random bonuses like hidden challenges (why are they hidden, anyway?). At this rate I’m not going to unlock all the characters until 2047.

The most preposterous thing about this system is that players receive a measly 15 keys or so just for doing their job. Let’s take a look at some of the screenshots I just took:

Trapper scan bonus x 2 = 10 keys
Assault damage bonus x 6 = 16 keys
Medic heal bonus x 21 = 16 keys

I can’t wrap my head around those calculations. Not that I need to, since it’s the equivalent of 1 cent in real world money.

Bottom line: nobody likes a grind and players should be rewarded for their efforts when they do their best for 8-15 minutes.


Well from what i have seen you are supposed to get most keys from challenges ,level ups ,daily reward and first win

I would say that the system rewards changing characters around and having varied gameplay,instead of focusing on only one class/char.By this way i can buy a character every 3 days max,which would mean that i could have almost all in a bit more than a month.Which is already much better than most “f2p” games,like the horrible league of legends which would take years

Of course i’m always supporting faster unlocks and less grinding wherever possible.


If you’re getting 70-120 per game consider yourself lucky! As the leveling up bonuses and other various 1-time-only bonuses start to dry up you’ll get many 20 key games (losing side) and 50 key games (winning side). Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to take the duration of the game and other various contributing factors into consideration when doling out rewards, leaving you feeling like “gee, thanks?” after those 30 minute heated battles that really come down to the wire and are hard-fought by both sides.