Earned badges from Hunters Quest Gone w/ Stage 2!


Hi I know to many this may be stupid but ive lost my badge that i took so long grinding for on the evolve hunters quest app. I had to complete the acid bestiary section to obtain it. It was the only way to obtain it before. And it took FOREVER to get. Now its gone! How do i get it back!?? It was the guy with the mustache. I NEED my pink mustache! lol

Devs please help.


So I’m not sad that badges got reset, but I am sad HQ badges got removed, especially when we were told before the servers went down that it was our last chance to earn them!


Yes exactly. I dont care about the other ones. just the HQ ones. I played the crap out of that game to earn them. To the point it felt like work and wasnt fun. The griding it took to complete some of the sections were painfull and borderline crazy. These should stay unlocked for HQ players day one. Like they should of also had a HQ founders bonus.


Chiming in here to say that I REALLY MISS MY CAIRA HQ BADGE.

I miss my feathered salamander badge. ;_;


I understand alot has changed like perks and stuff so stuff needs to be unlocked. But for founders people anything previously unlocked like badges should be unlocked. Like skins and characters are. Unlocked from day one. If they added new badges then great. Make them locked untill founders people earn them. Having to grind for the same prize over just isnt fun. I grinded every character and elited all hunters and monsters. Took alot of time. Played the dam game from day one untill the avg player base was only 80 people on at a time. And dont get me going on that HQ app i spent days grinding for special unique badges. And now they take the reward back. pft! The hole thing about the HQ app badge reward was to be unique and limited time and only way to get it… Like limited edition and rare.

Now im happy that this new ftp has brought life back but the idea of having to grind out for basically the same rewards. And to make rare badges that were earned supporting and grinding the evolve hunter quest app now no longer special just sucks. I think i only saw a handfull of people who had the badge i had. It was nice.

I realize in the big picture i should not care as its just some stupid digital badge on some game but still. Rare items should never be taken back and recycled and given back to everyone. Especially a free player base.

Of course i will get over it. And wont lose sleep . But Im hoping the devs may see this and am asking them to consider making the change and restoring HQ badges as rare and give them back to the people who earned them and keep them rare.