Early Slim & Crow Fiction


No one is, it’s just that usually things that haven’t been talked about shouldn’t stay that way

With all respect, just give up, it’s easier than lying to yourself. It’s been dead since 2K left it to rot…


No ones beating you up because you love the game and it’s lore. We’re beating you up because you necro’d a year old thread just so you could post this…

…which, by the way, I pray to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost of which I do not believe in that you in fact did not write Slim x Crow fan fiction.


The beating up thing was just a joke lmao​:joy::joy:

But in reality I just really like the game and even though 2k left it in just think that more people should know about it.

I really do love this game.


sweats :sweat::zipper_mouth_face:

Yeah… it’s not-that was a. Uhh… not-I just wanted-well its just.


“Fuck me animals are a lot less complicated”


Best quote ;D


hey whats up just barging in here to say that u do u and write what u want and keep doing it!!! dont let other ppl say stuff that put u down man, ur doing a great job!


Thank you! Your awesome.


I agree with Curly. Write whatever the damn hell you want love. Now. I know we don’t do the whole discussing of shipping here, but I myself have written a few fics of my own in a similar style.
Yeee. Secret’s out boiz. I did it.
In short. Don’t let people push you around for what you write.


I have a problem - Slim is blocked in legacy and i dont know what to do… Can someone give me a tip?

  1. This isn’t really where you ask this kind of question

  2. If I am correct, all DLC is no longer purchasable…so if you didn’t have it before the Stage 2 Server Shutdown, then you probably don’t have him now

  3. If you played Stage 2 before and had Slim unlocked, that is because all Characters were free in Stage 2

  1. This thread hasn’t been active for a year.