Early Slim & Crow Fiction


Everyone starts somewhere. You could be the world’s best comic book writer and never know it :wink:


That’s right. However, being able to do everything is not the goal, is it now? :wink: Nah, what I have personally learned in video games is that you can teach yourself anything you want. The only limitation is the amount of subjects you can handle in your study window… And then of course there’s the dreaded expiration date of organic meatbags humans.

Is not having scripted a comic before what you define as your limitation? Because that’s not necessarily a limitation.

If you want to make comics, then just do it. You don’t have to make canon comics right off the bat if you don’t feel confident enough doing so. But get started practicing, share, get feedback and improve. :smile:

If we really have to talk about limiting factors, it’s really all a matter of how much spare time you want and/or can “sacrifice” in order to teach yourself this new thing.

oh… And here’s a TED talk… Because I can.

To all other people reading this comment, of course I made all of this sound easier than it is, but can you blame me for trying to convince Matthew to do comics?


Doesn’t have to be a comic, (would be super awesome though because pictures), but a novel would be almost as good. I mean the Assassins creed series had books.

I think it would be a great idea. Expand more on the characters, the lore. Maybe even leading up to evolve 2!?!?!?!?

I think novels, merchandises would be sweet. I’d buy those novels in a heartbeat.


You gotta define what you mean by “strong” exactly… Diamond is the hardest known substance (meaning it can’t be scratched by anything other than another diamond), but it’s not, for instance, the most resistant to impacts. Hammer a diamond in a corner or some weaker point in its structure and it will shatter, whereas that doesn’t happen with steel.


@Matthew Thank you very much for posting more stories. I have been craving them for months now.

I would like to encourage you to write a story involving Lazarus!


Graphene doesn’t rip or break. It’s incredibly durable, yet still flexible.


where are those hunter short stories that you wrote Mathew? guess this will settle


You mean these?





On wattpad I made a fanfic of slim x crow sooooooo might want to check that out



How the fuck… really, dude?


Shredder, is that you? :o


What makes it better / worse is the presumed contents of the fanfic… :smirk:


What does this mean?


I mean that this dude clearly figured out how to hack into the Evolve database at 2K and unlock himself Necro Lazarus, because he just zombified this thread.


Ah, okay. Well it’s not hard to find. But to got through they posts after reading the beautiful words Matthew posted…eh I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore, keep your like


Your king has returned.


I just like the game and the lore involved why are you beating me up for it? Lmao tho a YEAR later-me.

I kinda enjoy this game and dont really want to see it die. It shouldn’t matter how long ago it was.