Early Slim & Crow Fiction


I wish it was canon but Mathew are you part of the turtle rock studios crew ? to confirm this even duo its fiction (canon)


Matthew is the writer for Evolve.


I love crow. Need more crow.


A super material is an incredibly strong 2D material such as graphene. Some facts about graphene…

It’s Super Thin - It is only one atom thick, so it is almost transparent.

It’s Super Strong - Graphene is the strongest material ever discovered, 100 times stronger than diamond, and 200 times stronger than steel, and yet flexible and even stretchable.

It’s a Super Conducter - It conducts heat and electricity faster at room temperature than any other known material. It also charges and discharges electrically up to 1000x faster than traditional batteries.

It’s Super Expensive – Even using the most advanced processes for manufacturing it, graphene still runs around about $100,000 per square meter.

So basically Slim almost shot a guy with a 2D bullet.


Parnell and val have a conversation about the berserker suit, val comments it was broken, Parnell said you hit it with (can’t remember how many) super mat rounds it’ll do that.


Yeah, I remembered it before. :stuck_out_tongue:


A very small part, but yes!


Big part of the community when you try to be around though. :wink:


Fixed it for you :wink:


Yeah, anyone with an orange name is an employee of either TRS or 2K. Side note that I’m excited to finally see some more Evolve lore and can’t wait to see the rest of this little journey. So, I take it that tier 4 & 5 characters canonically were met post Evac given the context of the planet tamers “leaving on the last evac ship”. I do have one question though. Everyone says that Cabot and Co. left on the last ship capable of entering Crechenkov (or whatever) space. Is the Laurie Anne incapable of this as well? If so, how did the Laurie Anne get to Shear in the first place and why can’t they just leave the way they came? @Matthew


If you watch the opening gameplay cinematic, you see the Laurie-Anne depart from a much larger ship. That ship has a Patterson Drive, the Laurie-Anne does not.

The Laurie-Anne is a TJ-F Tug. Cabot bought it when he retired from Planet Taming.

Evolve, In Conclusion: The Timeline, The Hunters, and The Monsters (Update: Production discontinued while I work on bigger project)

So all the dialogue, lore, characters’ personalitites, nuances to the game and the like, all that, is a small part? Kay. :wink:


I only write all the dialog and invent most of the universe, there’s a whole team of people working on the characters and their personality of whom I am only one and not even the most important one!

I never get a chance to get a big head about this stuff because I’m surrounded by stupid-talented people I am constantly in awe of.

Someone asked where Slim got his name and I failed to answer that on the livestream.

When we were sitting in the conference room talking about the idea of an alien and he was at that point going to speak an alien language you would not be able to understand, I thought the humans on the team would have to give him a nickname and I remembered the Skinnies from Starship Troopers.

So I just said “They’d probably give this alien a nickname based on what he looked like, like ‘Slim,’”

Scott and Phil responded well to that and from then on, he was Slim. I think it influenced his art, we wanted someone tall and lithe, someone who might look like a Slim.


It’s people like you that really make me love the hunters in Evolve. Crow and Slim were already my two favorite hunters, next to Jack of course, but this writing about them canon or not really fleshedon’t them out more and gave some great insight into their characters.

I would LOVE to see some stuff like this from one of the monsters perspectives. I believe they do have experiences like the hunters do but since their background is a huge mystery I doubt we’ll ever see any…


Reading these stories makes me want to See a mass effect style epic saga type of thing, the characters are really interesting.


Matt you do have a talent for writing. It’s clearly written in evolve. I mean, it’s golden stuff here. You can write. Developers would probably be dying to get their hands on you if they could.

And especially when it comes to FPS’ where those stories are really “eh”. Evolve has fantastic lore.


“Only,” he says.


Have you guys ever thought about making Evolve comics?


If I remember correctly, In the stream, Matthew talked about him and (I think Scott Flanders?) wanted to do Griffin comics. However, they never really got around it.


Something you learn in video games is that while you can have a ton of incredibly talented people, that doesn’t mean you can do everything.

Comics are a specific skill, it requires someone trained in sequential art and I’ve never scripted a comic before. Were I to try it, you’d get the result of my First Try and I think it would show.

You need to understand your limitations.