Early Slim & Crow Fiction


Slim mentioned this in one his convos talking about his past, but I think there’s also one between bucket and Parnell in the map armory where they talk about the canons and how effective they are you can see the canons in some evacuation cutscenes.


I don’t know what Supermaterial is, except I think it’s some kind of exotic matter.


I propose that Supermaterial should actually be, lore-wise, condensed trapjaw fat.



Is it possible to condense something so dense and heavy any further?

(For those who don’t know, MidnightRoses has stated a dislike for Daisy, claiming that she is fat.)


That’d be materials that are in their abilities on the “next level” compared to the materials we know so far.

Say, supermaterial revolver would fire bullets made out of something far tougher than the typical depleted uranium rounds.


There is no dislike, only pure loathing.

And it’s no claim. She’s f***ing fat. Period.


Daisy is cuddly looking though. :wink:


It’s her WAGGY BUTT!


That’s the one part of her you notice?


Well she’s usually running in front of me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright. Fair enough.
It probably is not neutronium, though.


I don’t care what it is made of or shoots, I just want a revolver.
(Jack’s don’t count)


Very nice piece of writing!


I’ll have to read this tommorow O.O
it’s getting dark ;-;


Was really hoping for Slim and Crow fanfic, I could totally picture it. Two men hunting squirrels in the wild.


@Matthew can you tell us who the next lore/short story is about?


Is it Parnell talking to Val about his berserker armour getting hit with 30 supermat rounds?


Cool stories! I like how the characters have developed since then. Crow was on point in both stories, and I feel Slim’s character really worked in the first one. It was cool seeing him go full gunslinger in the second one too though. Nice work!


I just assumed it was super high caliber armor obliterating weaponry. Like anti-material but x10. Maybe shield penetrating?