Early Kraken Concept Art


Evolve just posted this early concept art for Kraken.

What do you think?


he definately looks better now than before. he looks like a shrimp in this one with the mouth and the no feet. i like the big crest though


One of the artists, Nick, explains that the earlier version of Kraken was more grounded, dragging his tentacles on the ground to gain electrical charge. Hence the working name “Grounder”

Pretty cool, huh?


Really like the head/shoulder crest.

Definitely a cool look to those bits


When Kraken had this design did he fly at the time?


It’s like a mix between a Man of War and a Cuttlefish, I like it!

It looks like it could’ve been a wall climber with those tentacles. Also, a light flash attack since its incredibly bio-luminescent or a ground pound AoE static field.


I think he looks pretty awesome in this design as well. Has more of a squishy look to him


Looks like someone slapped on some tentacles on Goliath


Reminds me of Fallout Mirelurks


I like the look, but it’s definitely more “bruiser” style, like Goliath.


FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for more concept art. Where’d you pull this from, deviantArt?


Evolve posted it on Twitter


Nah this was from Turtle Rock’s Facebook page, dude!

And Twitter, which Plaff literally just posted! Heheh


Understood. On a different note, I like the new Moderator-blue highlights.


I was wondering what an early Kraken looked like. That is so dang cool! Thanks for posting it!


I think it looked pretty good. Really interesting to see how these things changed. Got to admit I was kind of sad to hear the “Scorpid” evolved. Nothing against Goliath but the concept of a scorpion monster appeals to me. Hopefully it can make some comeback in the future.


I like this better than the finished one.


I wish the final version of Kraken had a similar number of tentacles, but I can understand how hard that would have been to animate.


The design looks nice, but a bit to similar to Goliath imho. Mostly because of its bipedal design.


Not sure, @SlabOMeat would know though