Early Access Feedback!


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Having just reached 70 hrs in the press release build, and around 250 hours total on Evolve, I wanted to give a bit of feedback about how Evolve could be improved! I have been playing monster a lot recently and there are a few things about how they play that I feel should be addressed. These things are things I hadn’t really gleaned until recently, but are quite annoying at the least.

  1. The monsters melee auto aim. This has screwed me over countless times. I don’t know how it is supposed to work, or why I even have it when using a mouse :stuck_out_tongue: The main issue is when you are focusing a player who is in front of you (or even wildlife when on the run) and the monster turns and swipes behind him, when your intended target is kissing you and you are moving in his direction! It happens more often when a target is cloaked, though it does still happen even when the target is not. Please let me aim :slight_smile: that one missed melee attack has cause me much pain :anguished:

  2. Kraken’s flight is way to temperamental. This is something I have mentioned before, and is probably not an easy fix. When playing against a skilled hunter team, every air burst matters. Sometimes when you use an air burst, it uses two stamina bars… which sucks super bad. Also I find that the bursts don’t always work as one might hope! Several times while in combat, I have tried to gain altitude to get off the ground, and used all three air bursts while looking straight up, without any gain in altitude. (no harpoons involved btw) Also it is not uncommon to randomly fall out of the sky. Also touching the dome drops you instantly as well, which may be intended, but really sucks! In addition Kraken really has very little escape potential. I feel like Kraken’s combat is where it should be, hit boxes and all, but Kraken moves like a ballerina at times, and then at other times like a drunken sailor! :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Yet another aiming issue… kind of… although this one may be more or less fixed by changes made for release. It is impossible to target hunters who are climbing! For instance, Leap smash, can not be landed on a wall, Lightning strike automatically moves the blast radius to the top of a wall when encountered, and jump melee attacks are… temperamental as well :stuck_out_tongue: I feel it is too easy for hunters to “abuse” these monster blind spots. Most hunters know they can start moving up a wall and try and hang there to be an almost impossible target. If the monster tries to climb up, the stop climbing and drop to the ground, if he waits, they play the hanging game… it is super aggravating at times to try and focus someone who can’t be hit! Climb speed increase may help this issue somewhat, but I still would like to be able to target a guy on the wall… since that is when he is most exposed and all!

  4. Last point I will hit on for now is also involved with monster movement. There are several exploits that prevent monsters from being able to effectively combat the hunters… Distillery for instance has several. The building in the center has the ledges on both sides of that open area that are under the overhang that the monster cant get to… not as bad for Kraken I suppose, but then you still have to deal with the wall targeting! Also the ship by the relay… if a hunter hangs very tight to it and runs around, a monster can’t catch up without abilities… that can’t hit because of the very odd hitbox on that thing. Leap smash, charge, rock throw, and firebreath all get blocked by the little out sticking parts… making it nigh unto impossible to focus someone… other maps have issues like this as well. Weather control has that giant weather control tower by the relay. Kraken cant catch up with air burst even! I killed three waves of hunters at stage three all in one combat, except that stupid Markov who wouldn’t stop running around it… couldn’t even hurt him with banshee mines!

Anyway, these points are the few things that suck away my enjoyment of monster the most. They aren’t huge issue in more casual play, but if you get even a bit competitive in your gameplay, these things will leave you shouting at the screen!

And here is a funny vid for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Preorder Cancelled! :smiley:


Bwahahaahaha! Mission accomplished! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


wraith dancing op plz nerf


Are you sure about not being able to hit someone on a wall with lightning strike? Because I’m pretty sure it’s not that hard. I’m not calling you a liar, and not trying to be rude, but is it maybe just a bug, as opposed to maybe just missing?


I suppose it could just be me… I am not saying that hitting a guy on the wall is impossible with lightning strike, you just have to aim funny to get it to time right as it ascends the wall


Fair enough. You DO have to aim funny. You have to trick it so the actual strike goes down the mountain. Something I learned about LS. It hits straight down from above to below. EVERYTHING. So even if the “blast radius” explodes on top of the mountain, the bolt continues down the mountain.

And yeah, that stamina thing fucked me hard in the Beta. Twice.


thats basically right, even though the graphic appears at the top or bottom of a wall you can still get some AOE damage, it just doesnt center on a wall


Go post that video in the Sexy Wraith thread too xD


Some is better than none… but full is better than some :stuck_out_tongue:


bites tongue …and I was in the match, and saw it live!


Can you show on the map where the ship and the weather control thingy is? I would like test this out when I get the game.


If I can find a map… sure!
eh… can’t find one… I will jump in a bot game and take some screenshots!


Alright, here are bunch a screenshots of a few of the points I am talking about!

notice how goliath can climb over it, but he can not stop there even at stage one, whereas hunters can stand and move easily there… the overhang helps protect against Kraken!
The ship is just right by the reactor… there are lots of hangy parts that trip up movement and ability targeting… I didnt see a need to post a pic of it.

Here is a good one on Orbital drill, the monster cant even attempt to climb here… he has to use ranged abilities… with wall targeting…

Also there are others on other maps as well… but these are the kinds of things I am talking about!


I recognize that part on distillery now! I never thought of trying to land there. I dont even think I have ever even noticed that ship before though. Could goliath do his jumping standard attack to them sitting up there? This does seem like something that could be detrimental.


yeah, you can try, but its on and off with accuracy


I remember reading in combat with Kraken all you have to do is press SpaceBar with no direction key being pressed that time.This way Kraken will only go up.

But i could be wrong and this message is only while kraken is already in the air.I am 100% using traversal with no direction key pressed will get you in a higher place but i never tried it from the ground.


yeah, usually this is true, but sometimes it just doesnt work! I have been getting lots of glitches, so maybe its just me…


Nah i’ve been saying for lots of time that Krakens controls are a bit…clunky.
But it didn’t matter me very much because Kraken is still my strongest monster.But if this clunkiness go away i’d love it even more


I am good with Kraken… I just hate playing him :stuck_out_tongue: too clunky for me!