Each hunter should get 2 dropships in hunt


it would make laz and emet more top picks instead of every match being val it would make the hunters take more effort to win instead of just run in with there defenses and shoot the monster and be like '‘oh I died I’m back’'
each individual hunter gets 2 drops that’s it in a match


So, you’re saying each player only gets two respawns per match? Like two lives and you’re done?


If this was implemented, then EMET would bring back hunters without costing a life, and medic healing OR hunters need more survivability.
This is a can of worms.


well monsters get it really hard to kill 4-5 people in 2 minutes


it could be 3 dropships for each hunter then


and make it exclusive to hunt 2.0


Well, that would be massively unfair. With strikes, especially, it would be pathetically easy to completely shut down any aspect of Hunters. Don’t like getting domed? Kill the Trapper a few times. Don’t like getting shot? Kill the Assault a few times.


its hard breaking through hunters defenses as it is and once the monster nerfs/buffs in 9.0 happen


Ummm yeah no. This just wouldn’t work. I never thought the dropship was even a problem in the first place. :confused:


I disagree, especially since Hunters come back with two strikes, and then last about 6 seconds against any decent Monster.


get rid of comeback strikes only get strike if you get up from being down but lose them once you respawn


It would be way to easy to force the dropship a few times and then have it be a permanent 3 hunters, which is just undoable against any decent monster


That would make Lazarus utterly useless. People could just choose a more damaging Medic to add burst damage, die, then come back with no penalty.


I have to say the system seems fine as is. Hunters come back with strikes which just makes them that much easier for the monster and at times can go down almost instantaneously. Then on the monster side most people tend to focus in on specific classes or on low health hunters. Then even if you can manage to kill one of them, even better if it is the medic your chances of winning just went up. If anything I thought that at times that the 2 minute wait is a little long, especially if you are the sole hunter running.


I disagree. But if you went that route, I’d say monsters can only armor up once per stage then. Same type of thing.


No it is not fair

Strike is enough trade