EA: Closing Visceral Games an “Economic Decision” as Players Don’t Like Linear Games As Much Today


I did like me some Bioshock Infinite :slight_smile:


This game was actually really good, it’s free to play on NoBullshit.com


The only real input I have here is that it’s funny that EA said that players weren’t interested in linear games, yet it seems like players aren’t interested in pay2win multiplayer games :thinking:

Either way, I’ve lost all respect for 2K, EA, and really any publisher. Even Epic isn’t great because they are suing a kid for hacking in Battle Royale.

I guess this is the age where Devs stop relying on publishers, which is a good thing! No/small publishers means no money milking and some actual good games where the Devs can release content that is fair and will be accepted by the playerbase.


There’s very few publishers I actually like now a days.
While I like what Ubisoft is doing, they still have a while before I consider them a good company.

I tend to like the more independent studios, the ones that work for the publishers but seem to have more creative freedom. The company that makes Civilization and XCOM is a pretty good one for example, and they work under 2K.


I have noticed in recent years that the average story driven single player game has kind of started to die down. Open world single player games are still a massive hit, but Bethesda kind of has somewhat of a monopoly on that part of the game industry with Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

DOOM was probably the last successful story driven single player I can think of, and didn’t it only receive moderate success despite high demand/critical accaim?


But even then, it kinda proves the point of singleplayer games being less lucrative than multiplayer games with lootboxes.

Fallout 4, while good, got 4? DLC expansions and it still dropped into the MTX/paid mods area. Why set the bar at $500 when you could get as much as $1000 and up?

It’s more or less about maximizing profit, which is hard to do in singleplayer games. That’s why multiplayer games are so common now, especially the ones with separated lore, or sometimes non at all (like Lawbreakers).


Uncharted 4 was considered one of the better games of 2016 (I think that’s when it released?)
Horizon Zero Dawn and Breath of the Wild are good example of single player open world games doing pretty well right now, with both having a DLC released (Zelda about to release a 2nd).


I’ve never played an Uncharted game before, lol. My mistake.


Try em out sometime should you ever pick up a PlayStation, I played my first uncharted game (uncharted 4) this year and got hooked. The only downside is it has low replay value (my opinion!!!) But that being said there is a cool in game point system that allows unlocks for skins and video textures (example 8 bit graphics)

I also enjoyed Horizon Zero Dawn, when I first saw it I thought, primitive people versus animal robots? This is gonna be dumb, but the story somehow made it work very well. Shit tons of immersion in the game and you gather a picture of how things came to be piece by piece as you travel throughout the world.

On the topic of battlefront 2, well,

Our favorite game ranter that destroyed evolve, also laid into EA. And while I’m glad he’s been consistent on bashing microtransactions, I wish he had come to this forum first before just ranting. The willingness of devs to listen to the gamers and basically become our (online) friends was something that I haven’t seen before and if he had seen that first before making his review, I think his rant would have gone better. (Oh well)

Also, huge mistake closing Visceral, games like Dead Space were a best in class and set a horror genre standard at the time of release (again, oh well)


Uncharted Metal Gears of Mordor :+1:




You mean Firaxis? :stuck_out_tongue: Also don’t forget Irrational (now Ghost Story games).

I have gotten a lot of respect for Frontier Developments (the makers of Elite Dangerous and the immensely more popular Planet Coaster).

Unknown Worlds also garnered my respect for their continuous patch release for Subnautica, keeping people hooked.

Oh and Square Enix.


AngryJoe’s content has gone down a slippery slope. It’s anything but consistent and he even said so himself.

He’s doing a lot more of those “Angry Reactions” to movie trailers, cause it’s easy. And he only ever reviews the most hyped games, for the views. Even his viewership has dropped since last year.


His reviews are ass though; case in point, the Evolve review.


He was just plain wrong on some of his points, if I recall correctly. If I’m remembering right, wasn’t he the one who started the malicious rumor that T4 was finished by the game’s release, and were just held back to make a quick buck?

@BearStream I agree. I respect TRS for their work on Evolve and overall interaction with the fan base, Bethesda for their ingenuity and creativity allowing them to make amazing open worlds to explore (Prey was amazing), and Team ICO will always hold a special place in my heart for SoTC.


I am fairly certain they are confusing the terms ‘single player’ and ‘linear’. If a single player game is made with gusto, it’s anything but linear (Titanfall 2 being a prime example). Also, after reading this . . .

. . . I am fairly certain that Visceral got ditched because EA moves away from SP games. Not because of the quality of their material. Keep ditching SP, EA. Leaves the rest of us boys to enjoy stuff like this little thingy right here.


I just realized, this means they’ll possibly be moving away from stuff like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. They still have Bioware in their clutches, yet they’ll possibly be moving away from single player games.



I think Mass Effect is the perfect example of a single player game that doesn’t qualify as “Linear”, while not being “sandbox” like GTA and similar would probably be more directly called. I don’t think there’s a problem in the future for games that are large in their scope and offer (the pretence) of choice to the player as to what and how they do things. I mean arguably Mass Effect (the original trilogy) may be the very cause for the mass market potentially, if it’s true, expecting more from a single player than a linear narrative.

I also feel that this doesn’t mean that we’d stop seeing story driven “linear” single player either, I just think it’ll more often go to more indie and start-up devs/studios who… tbh… do a lot better at focusing on the main thing that’s important in those games, which is story.


Most, but not all. His Destiny review was pretty spot on.


I also feel he does a decent job from an ‘average’ gamer’s PoV. Average gamers didn’t get the mechanics just like he didn’t. It’s why some games he rates higher than I because I’m not in that same pool. However, I still feel he does a decent enough job for the most part.