EA: Closing Visceral Games an “Economic Decision” as Players Don’t Like Linear Games As Much Today


Do EA even know what linear means?


I think it’s less about “like” and more about “pay for”, which sucks, because I love linear games. I’m going to preemptively jump in and suggest we steer this topic away from bashing publishers though. Let’s discuss for sure, but let’s save our torches and pitchforks for another day.


You know, I might just play through Dead Space 1 and 2 again. Those were among some of the last good games that EA actually published.


With regards to EA and ‘linear’


Well because I have a brain and I like to ask question

What is a linear game?


I think they mean story driven single player experience.

Edit: or even just mainly singleplayer


That sucks. The best video game stories come out of linear games. Linear games are also generally higher quality. Based on the fact that the game only has ~20 hours of play time means they can make awesome cinematics and really focus on individual characters and attributes. I mean, look at the recent uncharted games, compare the character animation and quality or experience to any other non-linear game.

This is compounded by the fact that many gaming companies don’t know how do non-linear that well. Bar multiplayer based PvP games (COD, overwatch etc.), many suffer when it comes to making a open-world multiplayer or non-arena based games, it is just so much harder to get that right.


I mean, I can understand gamers not liking railroaded, no branching paths for explorations FFXIII (Before getting down to the planet) type of ‘linear’. But to say gamers don’t like linear games is just silly.


No bashing EA? No torches or pitchforks? That’s no fun.


I know I know, but we’ll have to go without I’m afraid. I know you can make it, I believe in you.


Yeah, what @Hillbilly_Deathlord says. At the end of the day these decisions are purely financial and if there isn’t the data that is saying the cost of development (to a modern standard) for single player games (which I too presume is the meaning of “linear game”) is going to be able to result in a reasonable profit then we have to expect things to get cancelled or shut down. It’s sad, but it is also business.

I wonder how much things like Steam Sales and stuff, which mean that it’s very easy to say “I’ll pick this single player game up in 6 months/1 years time because it doesn’t matter if I play it right now”, play their part in this potential problem?


You ever play Gears or Uncharted?


It’s possible, but there are a lot of single player games that seem to top the sales charts at release as well. I wonder if there is a different reason and this is just what they want to say publicly.


Reading between the lines it sounds like the game wasn’t coming along fast enough, because the studio was pushing for improving what the end result might be(?), and it was just starting to look like it was better to cut losses early.


Thats what I think to. Shame. That being said, I wish we had something to salvage from the mess that was the ‘moon ending’ debacle of Dead Space 3/DLC :frowning:


As much as I want a sequel to dead space 3 and for that ending to be solved, I’m going to just say, for me at least, that the ending for 3 was the canon ending. The dlc is either non canon or was some sort of vision from a dying Isaac. I mean, it least it kind of wraps up, the moon is destroyed, earth is saved, Ellie is saved, and Isaac/Carver are finally at peace. If you think about it, the moon crashed into the planet, they shouldn’t have survived anyways.


I feel like there should be an epic rap battle between the moon in Majora’s Mask and the ones in Dead Space 3 DLC :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, but I’m familiar with them


For some reason, and this could be the sickness I have talking, but I saw this and thought of a game called Uncharted Gears of Mordor :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, games like Bioshock Infinite did that. :smiley: