EA Access Is it worth it?


Is EA Access worth it? Yeah it is ill explain in depth and how to get the best bang for your buck.

If you get EA Access for a year its $30.00 which is the best value or it is just $5.00 per month which isn’t bad

What is EA Access? You can get several games from the vault and download and play them as much as you want. If your membership expires you can no longer play the games though.

It is only for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 ill be talking about the Xbox One version of EA Access.

You get
Battle Field 4 $60.00- Great Game- 118 hours put in.
Plants Vs Zombies Garden warfare $40.00- I’ve put 123 Hours in myself also a great game.
FiFa 14 $60.00- If you like sports games its nice- I put 12 hours in.
Madden NFL 25 $60.00- If you like sports games its nice- i put 11 hours in.
Peggle 2 is $12.00 i think- i put in 17 hours in and it was pretty fun it takes strategy and patience.
Need For Spedd Rivals $60.00- Haven’t played yet.

Total worth $292.00 it would take you 59 months for $5.00 per month to surpass that. And they add to games to the vault every month or two so that is aslo great.

Thought i was done nope.

Other Benefits

you save 10% on EA digital purchases which is aslo nice.

Now this is insane you get to try new games before they release 5 days ahead of schedule for free that means you could be Dragon Age Inquisition and not pay any money for it basically this is huge honestly to me its free with the membership of EA Access.

Honestly EA Access is great deal and i though i would share with you guys who have a
Xbox One or a Xbox 360.



Don’t trust EA man :slight_smile: only heard shit from it last couple of months. Deals sounds good tbh… too good.


Hey it is a great deal and it works well and i agree EA sucks.



Are you on DW247? I swear this exact topic was posted there before. :smile:

As for the value, I think it’s worth it for certain people. For me, it’s a waste. I don’t like sport video games any more (I liked it back when I could create my own football character with all 100 stats and you didn’t have so many stupid buttons to hit) and generally speaking I don’t like many games EA releases. The only EA games I’ve paid for are BF4 and Titanfall. All the other ones I have were freebies. So, for me, it’d be a waste of money. However, if you like sport games and don’t care about getting immediate access to the brand new version, it’s pretty nice.


Immediate access for free doe that’s insane for 5 days i can beat a game in 5 days as long as i pull a all nighter.

No i am not on DW247 what is that?



www.digitalwarfare247.com - it’s just another gaming community I frequent. Fun guys over there that like to play shooters on all platforms. I’m going to be trying really hard to get some of the PC guys to jump on the Evolve bandwagon when it comes out.


No! I will not give EA any money before at least trying the finished product they’re selling. Too many times consumers have gotten screwed over by them… can’t stand EA tbh.


The problem I have is that EA games exponentially decay in quality as sequels are made. The sports games are an exception, because they’re just stagnant. But name a game published by EA and I’ll tell you how the systematically demolished the franchise with deadlines and demands. BF4 is a good example of this… if you used to play BF3, you know how much worse BF4 is in every way. I can only see this deal becoming less worth it as they chew through their franchises and spit out maimed garbage.