E3 Tourney Stats


Hey guys got bored and decided to record as many stats as i could see in the E3 Tournament.
Kracken wins: 4 Hunter wins: 6

Kracken stages when match ended:
3: 8 times 2: 2 Times 1: 0 Times

Krackens Stage when he won:
3: 3 Times 2:1 Time 1: 0 Times

Total Downs: 59 Total Revives: 38

Total Deaths: 34 Total encounters: 19

Close moments: 5

I considered encounters to be when a dome trapped a monster, or the monster stayed and fought. close moments means there were 1-2 hunters left with barely any health and it was an “edge of your seat moment” hell i still got excited watching those parts :slight_smile: also good to note that those close moments could have been victories for the monster at any time makign the already quite even monster/hunter win rate closer.

Lastly if you divide the 10 matches played, the games averaged 6 downs, 4 revives, 3 deaths, and 2 encounters per match! (numbers could not be exact. lots of camera switching made it difficult to watch for 3 hours LOL)

Anyways this is intended for the “nerf the hunters/Laz” people. that is quite even if you ask me.


The third tier
Kraken/Goliath Win/loss stats

Oh and the developer matches are NOT included. as they are not found on youtube. I know they are on twitch but i cannot access them on this computer :(. if anyone has links or wants to post the stats of those two matches so we can compare the two that would be GREAT.


Damn dude! That’s an impressive amount of work gathering all that data. Cool to see it all compiled as we didn’t collect data from the E3 matches. Good stuff!


Amazing, check this out @Chloe


Wow, amazing work @kyronr600!! This is really cool. We normally record all the telemetry from events, but I think there was a snafu or technical limitation at E3 that prevented it. @MrStrategio would probably also really appreciate this. He’s the king of our playtest data :smile:


This is awesome to see, glad that the totals came out to about even despite the fact that the matches felt heavily stacked against the monster


Thanks guys :smiley: Im still sad i missed the first developer match. i believe the monster lost? I got to watch the second developer match though and man…the way he moved was magical lol. also the mid-fight sneak pounces were awesome to see. adds another move to the monster arsenal.


Thank you for the hard work! This is a very impressive stat list!


I wonder what order did the monster wins come in. When I watche the tourney it seemed that the hunters didnt quite know what they were doing which led to easy monster wins. In one match the hunter team wiped on the wildlife of shear lol.

Once the hunter players started to get comfortable it seemed like they won every game. I could be wrong though.


I LOVED seeing the pounces! Especially during the fights…unexpected for hunters and looks like a good way to get one of them down quicker.


uhh day 1 was 3 hunter wins.
day 2 was 2 monster wins 1 hunter win
day three was 2 monster wins and 2 hunter wins.
The final match is postponed for ign tourney. thats why its 10. so it goes like this
Match 1: H,H,H
Match 2:M,M,H
Match 3 (3rd place): M, M, H
Match 4(finals): H, H

or something like that XD


Great Job compiling all these stats @kyronr600! Very cool to see.

Regarding the first Dev Match that you missed, I happened to be playing in that one as Hyde. The monster lost that round, but in reviewing the twitch match, he should have had us at stage 1. Most of us in that match play on keyboard mouse so several of us were having a hard time controlling our characters efficiently, including the monster player. I do believe that after our match though, people started playing better having seen us play and pull off new techniques like the monster pouncing in combat.

There were 2 Dev matches on the Final day. The first game was a good hard fight. The second one, however, was a spectacular display of the monster’s stealth potential, which I had been wanting to see the public utilize, but no one seemed to figure it out yet. Hopefully after watching that match people really consider it. It’s a viable tactic, but very risk. Few people in the office play that way.


GASP theres another match that i missed!! ill proly go home and look for them on twitch. yes you could immediately see the difference in monsters after the dev games. they all left little to no foot prints and also chose to fight with armor ^.^


On day3 of the E3 they ended the tournament early because they ran out of time. Has the final been played anywhere else and is the match uploaded somewhere so I can watch it?


to my knowledge they never did it. it could be on friday at gamescom though