E3 Speculation


So, with E3 right around the corner, I’d like to hear everybody’s ideas about what they think 2K and TRS are going to do with Evolve. Some of my ideas include a new monster to go with the new map and hunters (almost seems obvious). Maybe a confirmation on either a beta or the exact number of monsters/hunters/maps? Maybe more perk details?


Im hoping for a new monster. but this time the monster needs to win. so far most vids show the monster losing :(. Need people to believe the monsters are strong because iv seen alot of “overpowered hunters” comments on youtube.


I’m hoping on June 10 they reveal a new monster. Then June 11 another monster. Then June 12 let people play the game using the maps/hunters/monsters revealed, and give just more information about the game in general


That actually would be unexpected if they reveal a new monster, then the next day reveal a whole new set of characters


Hopefully they will, I’d definitely like to see a lot of new stuff from E3


I’m hoping there aren’t new game-modes shown. I feel like there’s still more to see out of hunt. Showing another isn’t massively important in my opinion, since Hunt is the core mode


i think they will reavel a new monster at e3


Same here. I’d be really really surprised if they didn’t


I think we’re all going for new monster here! :laughing:

I mean I WAS expecting new Hunters but they have recently just been revealed but with E3 around the corner, I am expecting something new and I am definitely looking forward to it!


Yeah it’s extremely likely that they will announce a new monster since it’s the biggest gaming expo and what other way to spread the word of Evolve then E3! I don’t think we will get 2 new monsters though, I actually don’t want to know all the monsters since they might not have too many monsters and it might lower hype for some weeks


Again, I feel like we’re underestimating how many monsters there will be. Maybe I’m being ridiculous, but I’m guessing there will be 7 or 8 monsters. Once the number is revealed then we can see if I’m right or not. It doesn’t feel right to have three monsters when there are going to be over twelve maps, and I’d say over 16 hunters. Think about that. Hunting the same three monsters every time you play. For there to be enough variety I would say there needs to be six as a minimum


I personally believe that TRS and 2K will come out with a super-special surprise release of Evolve about 5 months before they said it was supposed to come out, and they will sell it for $20 a disc instead of $60. At least, that’s what my dream said…


Agreed, I think it would just end up sending a mixed message as well. At it’s core, Evolve is about Hunt.

I think they will reveal a new monster and it will be shown alongside the new hunters and map. That’s probably why they announced the new hunters and map last week, they probably want to focus on the new monster and really get into how it’s different from Goliath and whatnot.

As for number of monsters, I’m still going to be a bit conservative. 7 -8 sounds too good to be true, we know there will be at least 3.

My hope is for 5 monsters, 4 or 5 sets of hunters. That would go nicely with the 12 maps. Obviously, if we got more I’d be all for it as well.


That makes a lot of sense actually. With the new hunters shown they can give a lot of attention the the monster