E3 New Monster Predictions


I thought this might be a fun thread to do since we’re so close, we can come back in a few days and see how wrong/right some us were!

So what are YOUR monster predictions for E3? How different do you think it will be from Goliath? What do you think it’s theme will be (like Goliath is kind of Godzilla/Kong brawler)? Oh and try to be realistic (like what do you think it will actually be, not what you hope).

My prediction is going to be a kind of centipede/snake monster with larger pincers and is going to be pretty quick movement wise. Instead of leaping it would burrow as it’s “traversal” as TR has said that burrow was once a Goliath ability but they took it from him, changed it, and gave it to another creature. So I’m thinking it will burrow and rapidly appear somewhere else.

I think some kind of timed pincer attack that grabs a hunter and throws them as an example ability. It would evolve similar to Goliath, start small and then get bigger/longer.

That’s my “realistic” guess as to what the new monster will be. How about yours!?


I’m guessing something that flies. I think they’ll try and show something as opposite to Goliath as possible to give people an idea of how much the monsters vary, just like how Lazarus was shown as being the opposite of Val


I see the same ideas are everywhere ^^

Majority say a kind of insect or something that flies.
(I bet money on something insect-like…)

What about a creature more beast-like ?.. A four leggs one ?
Faster, smaller… Threatening roar


I’m really hoping for something that flies, I still haven’t gone off of my idea for a serpent type creature though!


I don’t remember where but I read or watched a video of one of the devas saying how all the monsters are from the same family so I don’t think there will be a true fully insect monster (maybe dlc?). That being said I do think the next monster will either be a flying lizard thing or a super fragile sneaky monster (a snake would be sick).


Yeah I’ve heard that as well. It was something to do with them all originating from the same ancestor (I think). But even though it’s meant to be that they’re all kind of related I still think we’ll get a good mix


Is there a link for the video where the devs talk about that? Don’t think I’ve seen it and as far as a prediction for a monster I’m hoping for some kind of 4 or more legged creature to make an apperance because even though it wouldn’t be as big a change from Goliath as a flying monster would the combat system would be entirely different which would be awesome to see.
On a side note would it be possible for any of the devs @MacMan, @SlabOMeat, @DamJess, @Chloe to give hints on where you got your ideas and concepts for the monsters or what animals you got their designs from?


I’d send you the link but I don’t actually remember what video it is. Might have a search later if I have time


Just found this. Looks like the Goliath statue is being reused :smiley:


They might have a similar origin, but it’s clear that these creatures were probably created (accidentally or intentionally is unknown) by either humans or another alien species. My personal idea is toxic waste mutated creatures into these monsters, so it wouldn’t necessarily mean that all monsters were as reptilian as goliath. My bet is still on an insect


I’m starting to wonder if there is actually a story behind it that explains where they come from. Maybe Turtle Rock just aren’t ready to give details yet. Hopefully there is an origin story


Seems you’ve also spotted a new Hunter character !..


Where?!? On one of his posts?


Your probably right I’m just really preying for a dragon typeish monster AHAHAHHA.


Where? If you mean that guy in the background, I think that’s from battlefield


Lol, don’t do that to us Dark. Yeah Plaff I think you’re right given his duffel bag and that hard line is freakin cops and robbers


Reminds me of the monster’s origins in Rampage. I played the hell out of World Domination when I was younger, but I could never make it to the final Moon stage :frowning: I should play it again sometime…


I think he was kidding. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh I loved Rampage World Tour (if I remember correctly) though I didn’t care for the universal one. Loved eating my friends on there lol


Is anyone watching the Xbox livestream happening in 50 minutes? Do you think anything Evolve related will be shown?