E3 2014 Ongoing Content


Here is a starting list of E3 content. Please feel free to add links to this thread as you find them throughout the show. We’ll do our best to link everyone to official content as it comes out as well.

Evolve: Kraken announce trailer

Evolve Kraken vs. IGN


IGN Interview with Chris and Phil at around 2:27. http://www.ign.com/videos/2014/06/09/ign-live-presents-e3

I noticed several times that Chris accidentally called the Kraken “grounder”. Very odd :smile:.
They mentioned that certain hunters will be better versus certain monsters, so I wonder how the metagame will be handled (how matches are set up, how players go about choosing their hunter/monster).
So yeah, the Kraken is pretty awesome. Although I like Goliath, i think Kraken is my favorite of the two. It looks and plays so much differently and you really get to see the range in monsters. I wonder if ALL the monsters will share the same health/armor mechanic…?

Even though a lot of people are bummed about the XBox One exclusives (Im a pc gamer myself), I don’t think we know exactly the details of these exclusives. Is Xbox the only console getting an open beta, or just first? Even if it does, it does not exclude a closed beta, and closed betas can be fairly large so I think people need to calm down a bit. Its kinda disappointing seeing so many people react so negatively :\ Thats the kind of stuff from the community that gets devs to clam up, and TRS has been very open to us up to this point.


As I’ve mentioned in another thread, beta exclusive is disappointing but acceptable. Exclusive DLC…not ok.

I think the monsters will have great appeal to different people. I feel the same as you do but in reverse. While I like Kraken a lot and he looks very cool and fun, I think I love Goliath’s look and handling so much. Leaping in to smash, spraying flame everywhere, it looks great.


For the DLC “exclusive” it sounds like Xbox one players get it first. So I assume this means everyone else gets it …second. I could be wrong, but I don’t think any platform will be forever barred from certain DLC content. Again these are the details we are missing.


Yea, don’t want to go off-topic but I discussed this quite a bit more over in this thread -> Beta first on Xbox one- Confirmed Jan 2015!

On-topic: I wonder what else we’ll see at E3. 2K tweeted there would be a lot of content revealed and so far it’s just the new monster. Maybe another few maps?


Yeah there’s going to be a tournament every day at the end of the day


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSULHPh5JNI Interview with Phil & Chris + Gameplay


Plus new creature at about 7:30. Edit: Sorry, those are reavers lol


Evolve just won an award for best of E3!


I’m not even surprised, I can see this game as one of the top competitive games in e-sports for years to come


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNWLPJNu8oQ the tournament


Evolve Gamespot stage demo and interview


I heard them say the “First pet in Evolve”! There may be more, unless I’m an idiot and they mean Bucket’s turrets also count as pets? :stuck_out_tongue:


Heard that too. Maybe there is another but I was thinking more that there could be more pets in the future


the fact that daisy can revive blows my mind.


I think this is my favorite footage from E3, no camera switching, easy to follow.


What would the bonus for the stealth pounce do? More damage?


You mean the perk you can pick up? I was guessing that maybe the hunters won’t be alerted when a teammate is pounced


Great footage of a Kraken victory


Full match of Evolve from Maggie’s perspective

It’s also confirmed in this video that you can in fact kick people