E3 2014: Evolve - Denby Grace Interview


Some talk about Evolve. Don’t know if it’s something new said in the interview but hey everything said about Evolve is worth listening to.

Btw Hi!
My first actual post. Been a forum lurker here for some time now.

Go Evolve! :slight_smile:


Welcome to our community, friendo! Hope you enjoy your stay! :slight_smile:

I’ll check out the interview in a moment, currently out with my mobile as my only source of Internet! :frowning:


Welcome to Turtle Rock
Glad to see more new users
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Oh no, Brandini!
Snap out of it, my good man!
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Thank you!

Haha I see! I have heard that hunters in their free time can become quite in touch with their more creative side when not covered in monster blood! I really look forward for that future with more guns in hand and less pen and paper! :smiley:

May I ask, is there a dedicated thread for own made Evolve art, concepts etc somewhere here to find? Or should i just make my own and dump drawings there?

Thank you!


There is a cosplay and fanart thread here! Can’t link it right now due to mobile difficulties but another member would be happy to bring that link up! :slight_smile:


There is indeed a Community Creation/Fan Art Thread!

And a few people here have already posted some work, included Haiku’s, Poetry, Wallpapers etc!

Community Content Forum


Why thank you kind Kabuki! :smile:

Wow responses are just falling in from everywhere and fast!


So far, the community here is pretty tight it seems and not overbearing or such. So you should feel welcome!

Just gotta keep an eye out for @DamJess, she’s a shifty one… :slight_smile:


Welcome, fellow lurker… xD


I am shifty >.> … <.<


So are we now replying in 5-7-5 on every topic? LOL


This video was helpful to me as he said by pre-ordering you get 4th monster free which I thought when people said 3 monsters at lauch 3rd was what I would had to use my free unlock on thanks for finding this video :markov:


Based off your picture, I think you and I will get along! :slight_smile:


I do not get it,
What is with all the haikus?
They dont even rhyme…


They are not meant to,
This is the wrong thread for that.
Still, that was clever.