E-Griffin Adaptation


Normal Griffin is situational with his harppons - he can’t defend himself

E- Griffin :

Defend himself
Be more fun to play in pubs / Ranked
Is not situational (doesn’t have to be in the opposite direction of the monster in order for his harppons to work )
Having a variety types of harpoons … Maggie / WLM / Original Griffin have similar harpoons

What if E-Griffin harpoons were like this ?

Harpoons cover the monster full body . It’s like a combination of harpoons + repulser field … monster can break it at any angle but it will protect E-Griffin

The harpoons is made of steel that has a potential energy to stop the monster / do Electric residual damage … it will do 0 initial damage but the more Griffin hold the monster the more residual damage he will be able to do

Harppons has 2 stages

Stage 1 :

0 initial hit … it will do little /0 residual Damage … harder to notice from monster perspective … less effective than normal Griffin harpoons … 1 melee to break … it will not completely stop the monster (lower pull effect compared to normal harpoons ) … it will do half normal Griffin harpoons damage

Stage 2 :

it will turn to Blue effect ( easy to notice ) (Electric charge damage ) ( deal 2x stage 1 damage ) ( higher health (2 melee to break it)

Do you support the idea of Steel / Electric harpoons and making it as protection tool for E-Griffin ??

  • Yes
  • No

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What do you guys think/expect about the new E-Griffin … should he be similar with Griffen attributes


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