Dynamic Weather


Hi, been reading these forums for quite a while, but never taken part of the conversations, so I thought I would mix that with a question! :smile:

I love dynamic weather in games, it gives this feeling of the world beeing “present” there at all times not only when you join a game. And not to mention the interesting way it interferes with gameplay mechanics like footprints and visuals, Awesome!

So, my question is; Just how dynamic is this weather? Can it rain in different volumes or is it just simply rain, not rain? Can a a lightningstorm get really outta’ hand or just blink 3-4 times during the session or is it at the same intensity when it first occurs?

Remember seeing a very simular question beeing posted but did not catch any dev or official response. If the dynamics were Random Number Generated(NRG) it would be really interesting. I Imagine myself explaining a game session to my friends and really emphasising the heaviest rain imaginable and a lightningstorm raging all over, gearing up for the lvl 3 Relay fight. Just imagine the feels, the defend of Helm’s Deep in LOTR kinda’ feel! This is, IMO something that belongs in this game, if it’s not messing to much with balance offcourse.

Want to close with sharing my appreciation for TRS and their awesome way of working! Makes atleast this fella feel very confident in the final product of what is my most anticipated game ever! Keep the good stuff comming and don’t lose faith in your skills, your new (and ‘old’) content has had me blown over several times already!!

Cheers :facepunch:


There are different ‘intensities’ of weather. From Snow, to ZOMG a blizzard I can’t see shit. Same with rain. Not sure about lightning frequency, but I would assume it’s similar.


Weather now longer effects track duration per Chloe on the last live stream.


…I still hope for sand storm effect on Desert type maps…


I’m kind of glad for this, mostly because ALL the weather helped the Monster. Personally, I’d like some that helped the Monster and some that helped the Hunters, but this works ok as well.

I want to play Wraith in a map with Fog :smiley:


I wouldn’t mind some kind of weather effect that makes corpses decay fast thereby he hunters can try and prevent the monster form feeding by killing some wildlife


Weather reduces monster smell range… that doesn’t help !


Seems kind of pointless in a game like this. If it was an open-world game where it’s always persistent then the weather should change over time. This game just has separate matches that last short periods of time.


It’s still in the game though. You can start off without rain and part way through rain comes in, sometimes lighter than other times.

Where did you see this? Because if it does (And I don’t think it does) it was minor at best.


Hmm… I can’t find it out…
I guess it was during E3 that I heard that, but maybe I’m just crazy…!


Heh no worries. If it nerfed smell I think the trade off would be nice. As it was, I mentioned in my Big Alpha report that weather didn’t seem to impact the Monster negatively.


Dont forget the wildlife that makes a smokescreen, love that little guy


The fart clouds? :stuck_out_tongue:


Saves lives xD


The dynamic weather system in Evolve is actually pretty intricate. Michael Hamlin, one of our engineering programmers, implemented a really cool weather system that allows for a lot of flexibility. To answer your question: There are multiple states to each weather type. Rain and snow each have at least 2 states. Light and heavy. While snow has a 3rd type, blizzard. That might not sound like very many “versions” of rain or snow. But the way the system was designed is to allow transitioning from one state to the next over a specified amount of time.

What this means is, if the weather system chose heavy rain. It doesn’t just start raining heavily. It has to smoothly transition from no rain, to heavy rain. This gives the impression of the rain building up to a big rain storm. This is true for all 3 weather types.

What I really like about the weather system in Evolve is the complete randomness of it. I can go 5+ games with no weather effects happening. And then in the 6th game rain sets in. I get to appreciate that it’s raining, and that it’s changing how the round plays out. But it’s not something that I can expect to happen each game.

Has dynamic weather ever been discussed by the developers?

Are there any desert storms that happen? It be sweet to be stuck in a desert storm and only seeing a couple meters in front of you for like ten seconds, would really add a new dynamic.


Sandstorm kicks in, you all try and see anything and begin to huddle up. Suddenly it clears up and you are face to face with Goliath/Behemoth :slight_smile:


There are, I have a video on Dam where you see one start up; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojKdtbwLRtc&list=PLsVWvwjen35XTyDJZAk7F7W18yduJyfsJ#t=377

That video starts with it clear, and by 7:30 it’s quite strong… I think it could get stronger though


Lol, I pictured all the hunters huddling up because they’re scared to be stuck in it and then when it clears they look up and they’re holding onto Kraken and he’s just like “so… how you guys doing…?”


That clips starts around the 6:20 mark. It also starts right around the time there is a very distinct audio cue for combat. I HATED that in the Beta. It was like this massive bass fog horn. I ended up turning down the music because of it. @MacMan do you know if it’s still in the game, and if so how we could get that tuned slightly??