Dynamic Weather. Help or Hinderance?


Something I loved about the Beta was the dynamic weather. I don’t just mean that some areas on the map would be a little snowy, or it would occasionally rain, I mean at the beginning of the match, it would be FUCKING POURING RAIN. Now, I personally love this, but something I noticed was whenever it was raining there was CONSIDERABLY less wildlife on the map. I went a good 45 seconds NUMEROUS TIMES without even finding an obsidian grub. Be it in caves, or in the marsh on fusion plant, there was A LOT LESS wildlife when it rained. Is that supposed to happen, in order to balance out the tracks being washed away quicker, or was it just bad luck on my part.


Not sure but i’m sure tracks ain’t washed away.Weather only affects visibility and nothing else.At least that’s confirmed


I’m going to keep this in mind and see next time I get to play. There was a time or two I just could NOT find good food as the monster but I can’t recall if it was down-pouring at the time. I thought I was just a victim of bad spawning…but critters probably would want to run to their dens to escape the rain so…who knows!


I didn’t notice the wildlife thing at the time, but now you mention it they definitely didn’t seem to be around as much. I loved the impacts, especially the look on drops. I went from a Distillery hunt in bucketing down rain to a Fusion Plant (I think) clear and sunny as hell. Made the tracking part very different.

@WiBaKi I’m prreeeetty sure a dev said at some point that rain/snow makes the footprints fade quicker but I can’t remember 100% and it may have been changed since I heard that anyway, feel it was late last year.


I remember that also.But i also “think” i remember a post here in forums that macman said they removed it.


Yeah cool. Particularly this past week there are so many posts I’ve just skipped or skimmed a lot haha. So if it was recent I would definitely have missed it. Lets see if @MacMan can confirm at all?


Maybe it was changed again.Anyway i’m not 100% sure but i remember asking the same question.I remember being told its changed now and they don’t fade any sooner.Could be wrong tho


They did change it.
They found that making tracks go away gave too many advantages to the monster.
So weather only affects visibility.
And according to this thread, makes wildlife run away.


Thanks for the clarification.There’s been many changes since June when i started following Evolve.Can’t remember many stuff :slight_smile:


I have a solution.

Give the wildlife tiny umbrellas.


I they are afraid of rain and probably hiding in their tiny ‘little’ holes ?