Dynamic In-Game and Account Based Customization(s)


Hey all,

Been following Evolve’s progress for a while now and just decided to throw my hat in the ring, but forgive me if these specific topics have already been addressed.

My first question is as follows: Have the developers already tooled around with the idea of having player-related accounts level up with play as some shooters/light rpg games have in the past, (e.g. perks that affect in game values, but are not necessarily the same as those you can accrue in game)? If so, are these currently incorporated, or if they had been and have since been removed, what led to that?

Secondly, is there customization for both monster and hunter related players beyond what the basic layout or build-out differences offer? By this I am specifically speaking to small differences or changes to be made to characters, which is to say my Goliath can be different from another player’s Goliath, (either through play-time or choices made based on the previous part of my question).

Looking forward to seeing this great game in action when the time comes and am very excited by what I’ve seen so far!


i know that characters will be unlocked in tiers based on class. so if you want maggie you need to achieve certain things with griffin and playing either will unlock perks for the trapper class.


Ah I see, that certainly is interesting, but so far all of the related perks and development that has been shown is in-game right?


yea i haven’t really found any info on what the class unlocks are but they won’t change the loadout of the characters.


That is correct. Most gameplay affecting things are chosen in game other than small perks chosen at the start of each match. And as @loe37 said, you unlock more hunters and monsters based on some sort of progression system that we do not know the details of quite yet.

Cosmetics, I think it’s been said hunters don’t have any but Goliath will have an alternate skin as part of the basic preorder offer.


That, and I do believe the Hunters’ weapons get different skins too! Not sure about the actual Hunters themselves though, Bucket could use an R2-D2 skin up in here! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh yea, I think you’re right Slinky, I forgot about the weapon skins!


preorder anywhere you get a goliath skin, preorder from gamestop you get a goliath skin AND four weapon skins