Dying light is making a 4v1


Dying light is making a 4v1 gamemode were 1 player plays as a superzombie and hunts the 4 humans but the diffrence is when u play as the 4 humans u can actually feel the fear like this zombie is sort if like the alien from alien isolation its scary and u need to hide from it im hoping u have this type of gamemode were the monster isnt that big but he looks scary and creepy and the humans have to try to escape the monster while he hunts them this will be the REAL hunt mode please include this in the game


I dunno man. I’m not sure if I would be into a weird hide and go seek esque game. I don’t think it would fit into the motif that Evolve brings. If it part of the Aliens IP? Sure! That would totally work. Not so sure about this game, considering it’s about each side doing the hunting. Both the monsters, and the hunters.


Already preordered Dying Light, can’t wait!


I will be hunting u as a zombie :joy:


This isn’t comparing Evolve and Dying Light. The only thing it shares is the 4v1 aspect, the zombie is the hunter from what it looks like and is unkillable, sounds like the humans need to reach an objective.

Dying light looks promising, a step up from Dead Island which was a clunky, but decent game, WAAAAY more potential than Dead Island 2 which looks like a cash-grabbing sequel with very few new mechanics brought in to fix gameplay.

Seems like TRS is creating another staple in multiplayer, 4 player COOP, now it’s 4v1. :slight_smile:


Their next project will be 4V2V1 :smiley:


ehh actually i like the “normal” aspect the games direction is heading. that at night the zombies become parkour rampaging monsters and you need to get everything done in the daytime. not too juiced about the 4v1 feature but meh you never know could end up being a BLAST. been eyeballing this game for awhile tho.


The feeling of ur a monster and the other players are afraid of u is what im looking for . In evolve the humans come at the monsters face and fight although at dying light they are trying to get away from the monster and the monster actually looks scary and i think it would be nice to have that type of gamemode on evolve as well.The dying light monster is the true meaning of monster people are afraid of u they dont hunt u down u hunt them down.


Its a preorder bonus pvp gamemode


when is the release date last time i chcked i think it was unannounced…


January 27 2015


oi pretty close to evolve…Id get it then proly sell it soon after completing it. like i did with last of us


I’ve moved this thread to the Games sub-forum.

As for Dying Light, I’ve been interested in it for a while, but I’ll wait for it to come out and the reviews start popping up before I’m completely sold on buying it or not.


I’m just gonna wait for Steam sale for 50% off.

Just PC gamer things. :slight_smile:


Dying Light definitely caught my eye once the “Be The Zombie” mode was announced.
Seems like it could be a lot of fun (if it’s done right)!

I’ll probably get it right away and dump it before Evolve’s official release if it sucks…


@Khaled yeah, I love that about it, too. The monster is hunting the humans instead :slight_smile: creeping through the dark, making people shit themselves when you sneak attack them hahaha! Awesome, I hope it’s good!


Me to cant wait :joy: