Dying light, Be the zombie mode. Available in the UK?


Now, I’m a guy who ADORES being able to be an antagonist and with dying light on the horizon, I had considered pre ordering it. However, I noted that nowhere in the UK suggests that the be the zombie mode is included in my region. Has any fellow zombie nerd heard more on this?


TBH, this game looked interesting, but this pre-order shit is just ridiculous. I refuse to give my patronage to any company that wishes to segregate their community in this fashion :frowning: That being said, I haven’t heard anything for our friends over seas.


Hm, interesting. The only reference I’ve even found here in the UK to the Night Hunters is in the description by Zavvim an online retailer, and even then it’s just as an enemy


I would’ve gotten this game if it wasn’t for that bullshit pre-order thing. So, so sad. I hope it’s just a limited time exclusivity that’ll unlock in 2 weeks or something. Eurgh.


From what I’ve heard the game mode is a pre-order bonus and will be available to everyone else at a later date at a price of course. But in all honesty if I was going to buy it, I’d probabley buy it for the single player as that is the main core of the game. I can stand single player DLC sometimes but I’ve been burnt by too many game mode DLC’s in the past in which it becomes hard to find a game after about a month (at least in my experience anyway).


Well, it’s not so much a game mode as a drop in drop out co op


With other players being the bad guys.


Only the one player. There’s a constant drop in drop out system as well, with a proper co operative sense


It looks awesome u get to be a zombie that hunts the survivors what do u think ?


All for the privilege of having it slapped on as a pre-order incentive to actually play it.


It will come as dlc at 2 weeks time


Pics or it didn’t happen :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats what happens with all preorder bonuses :joy:


Can you imagine how stupid the Dying Light game would be to lock the adversarial multiplayer portion of the game for everyone who didn’t pre-order? That would be like locking away being the Monster in Evolve unless you pre-ordered the game. It’s obviously going to be a timed exclusive thing.


i will not be buying this game they are basically taking out a very fun part of the game for pre order that is like if u didn’t pre order evolve you couldn’t play as the monster dafuq?

gg sweg money biddih



Is this something that has been confirmed or are you making an optimistic generality?


Optimistic generality


Gotta say, after being reminded of the BS of them segregating the community on day 1, I’m reconsidering getting this


Found it on Amazon