Addressing this issue simply because this error makes your game crash, therefore adding lose to new scoreboard, taking away more points than you get when you are winning a match (+8-12 pts for a win, -25 for a loss). And restricting you from the game exponentially. First time this error made me wait for ~70 seconds, next error within 40 minutes gave me an 800 seconds penalty. Is there any possible way of resolving such an issue? If this thing will continue to happen, then I would be forced to quit this game, since waiting for 800 seconds between matches is just… ridiculous.


It baffles me that the game can’t differentiate between a disconnection error and a ragequit.

Actually scratch that, it obviously can otherwise it wouldn’t be able to show the DEVICE HUNG error in the first place.
I vote for this to be changed. I don’t think players can’t purposefully cause such an error anyway in order to quit without penalty, so why bother punishing people that can’t help it?


I cannot believe a stricter penalty system was implemented without this crash being fixed. It has been around for quite awhile now.


That is what I got. 2 losses because of the game crash. And in both occasions I got time penalty and points loss for “leaving” the game in process.


I also got 2 losses because of the game crash. It’s basically unplayable atm due to the crash and time penalty.


Any comments from devs?


They working on it. I had a couple of Devs on stream 2 days ago and trust me, they heard me raging about it. I’m still mid silver, because I had ~10DHE on that day. I should be in another division because I think, I’m not that bad.
Be patient, I would send them my PC because it crashes so many times but, like I said, be patient.


OP if it makes you feel better at least this odd bug didn’t happen to you lol. Hopefully a fix is coming for the crashes soon.