Dust Tag needs buffs


Simply that- Cabot’s Dust Tagging needs buffs. It doesn’t compete with the utility of a barrage, a UAV, and nowhere near the level of the jetpack booster. It takes a while to deploy, it has a small area of effect, the outline doesn’t last long at all and the cooldown is absurd.


I’m quite fine with dust tag, maybe a buff to the duration will be nice. UAV on the other hand…


UAV has a super short cooldown and a longer tracking duration. It can search for a Monster anywhere on the map, it’s not bound by LOS or distance and it is impossible to avoid. You can destroy it but easier said than done and you’ve still give yourself up. Yes it leaves you behind a little but compared to Dust Tagging-

-and you’ll see how worthless the latter is.


I agree it is a little weak… but doesn’t feel as worthless as you make it out to be. I think something like duration boosted to 1.5x its current will be a sufficient buff.


I think the duration needs to be boosted and the cooldown reduced, by a lot. Look at what the other Supports have in place of it-

UAV: Invaluable, multiple uses, can be deployed frequently.

Orbital Barrage: Area denial, extreme damage potential…Need I go on?

Jetpack Booster: I’m not even going to bother. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m hesitant to call UAV invaluable… I just cannot stand not helping my medic when the battle starts. It has its certain uses like being an additional pair of eyes when you have no clue at all where the monster is at, but once your team is on the monster’s tail, it is really not a good idea to try to afk yourself and leave the team fighting 3v1 should the monster decide to turn and do a quick one.


I think it is- or at the very least far, far, far better than Tagging. Seeing through walls and having a precise outline is great for Cabot but it needs more duration and less cooldown.


Hey, why not buff both of them? :smiley:



Don’t see why not! Bucket is generally regarded as UP. As is Cabot, sadly…


i would rather see an range increase on dmg amp


If you’d like that, maybe make a thread for it. But this is explicitly for the Dust. There is no reason it should be this bad.


Dust Tag doesn’t compete with Bucket’s UAV? Lolwut. And jetpack is amplifier slot, you mean shield drone.


No, no it does not. Dusting can be used in combat yes but for what? Half a minute of shooting through walls? Bucket’s UAV on the other hand lets you find and permanently track a Monster.

Yes it leaves him behind but come on, for the most part you can catch up in seconds and if you can’t, well, you made a mistake in using it.


I’ve heard it was better in the beta, and thinking back to it the ability seemed far easier to land there.

It should be more forgiving in the area of the tag - seeing the Monster in the distance and dropping on his general area should be enough.

Especially with the silly ground targeting channel that delays it.


Yeah, they nerfed the initial area of impact, harder to land now.


It seems fine in the Beta honestly.

It was more feasible to act on spotting the Monster in the distance, but it definitely required knowledge on where they generally were.

It seemed more fair given how quickly knowledge on the Monster’s location can become outdated.