Duplicating Notifications Dropdown Window


As seen above, the notifications dropdown window gets duplicated under itself. It’s not really forum breaking but it is rather annoying.


I’m not seeing the issue.

Though, I wonder if you “Watching” every single topic is part of your problem.


You don’t see the same notifications twice? Like the 100 replies New monster vs. monster one?


I can’t imagine it helps. :smile:

Try restarting your browser shunty. See if that works. Might be struggling with so many notifications coming in at once.


I see it now, again. Try not automatically watching every topic.


But I like watching everything. Makes it a lot easier to get into or find topics I would like to read or discuss.


But at least we can see if the forum issues taper off without your browser being inundated with pings and updates from discourse.


So, try it without watching any new topics for an hour or so and see if this happens again?


Restart your phone and browser too.


Can’t you just look at the “Latest” tab on the Forums instead? Whenever someone posts in a thread, that thread shoots to the top of the Latest section so you can easily find where people are talking.

Then you won’t have hundreds of notifications jamming up your browser.


Yeah, but a lot of the times I’m in a thread reading through things or discussing things. Having that notification pop up is really nice when I don’t really want to leave a thread.


So have two tabs open in your browser, one that’s the main page of the forums to keep track of new threads and such and the other the one you’re typing in.

There are ways around it, and this is most likely a big part of the reason why you seem to have issues with the forums that no one else has.


So, I figured out what’s causing it. If I open the dropbox window and another notification comes in at the same time, it duplicates everything besides the newest notification.


I think you mean I figured it out. :stuck_out_tongue:

By watching every single topic on mobile you set yourself up for all kinds of issues.


You didn’t though. I could be watching 20 threads and this issue would still happen. All that matters is that it’s technically caused by getting too many notifications too quickly. This could happen to anyone. Me watching every topic just makes me more prone.


I think this comes down to how the notification list gets populated. Occasionally I see the same thread get notifications repeated but it quickly consolidates them in to one per thread and notification type. Perhaps your phone has connectivity or processing power issues?


It has been having processing power issues. RAM getting eaten up by inactive applications.


I don’t think anyone else watches 20 topics.


Threads, not topics. And yes, I don’t many others do. It’s a lot of information and stuff to go through. Codinghorror told me that it wasn’t sane to be watching every single topic.


Discourse doesn’t use the term “threads”, they use “Topics”

Hence “New Topic” “Topic Controls” etc.