Dune Beetles don't eat much?


So I noticed this in beta and now in the press build…

Dune beetles, to me, don’t seem to be fulfilling their original function. They seem to just be another 4 meat, aggressive wildlife.

I was chased off as Goliath a few times but it didn’t start eating the dead creatures nearby, it just kind of wandered around.

@MacMan or anyone else who knows, is this intentional? Have Dune Beetles been toned down in their eating habits?


They do seem ridiculously aggressive. Perhaps they had to be “nerfed” in their…appetites, I suppose… to prevent them from being too annoying.

They do seem rather skinny…


Yea, they’re aggressive enough but after they’ve chased monster/hunters off they don’t seem to eat the dead wildlife?

I’ve also seen them kill wildlife and then just leave it there.


Me too. They just stand around on it. Perhaps at one point they ate everything they killed, but then payers found it to be too much, so they were toned down? Anyway.


I’ve seen them eat my food a bunch of times. They are Shear’s assholes. Along with Trapjaws :stuck_out_tongue:


Hate those buggers !


I believe @MacMan stated in the Development Of Evolve Thread just a little while ago that Dune Beetle’s are also designed to actively hunt and chase off the Hunters… Which I haven’t actually seen them do once. And I’ve NEVER seen a Dune Beetle feast.


Lol don’t nerf them! They once chased the monster player away after breaking his armour, I couldn’t stop laughing :smile:

They don’t eat! Just there to ruin your day like carrion birds to stand on your meal.


I love how at Stage One and Two, all the aggressive wildlife will attack you, steal from you, poop on you (glaciopods :unamused: ) and just generally sully your good image. When you gov Stage Three?

They actually frickin run away.


I laughed at this. 10/10.

I do think they should be a little more threatening to the Hunters though. As a Hunter I was never afraid to 1v1 these things (Which is funny because one of the tips is “Never fight a Dune Beetle alone” <_>). But I knew if I let it live it would be a thorn in my leg. One timed when I was fighting the monster one of these asshats kept beating on me. Almost killed me too.

Maybe give them a damage buff or let them attack faster. To the monster they are definitely one of “Shear’s assholes”


Dune beetles were the first wildlife that I learned the spawn locations of… because the arseholes bloody make sure you know.

They started a war they will not win. I WILL abduct the food as they go to eat it and laugh in their faces.

I have to admit though, it’s really funny watching them scurry in the far distance as their beetle senses tingled and they’re looking for a ramp just to run at you.


This is too true. They do not lose aggro easily. They will follow you for around 70 meters before considering about the possibility of giving up.


I had one tail me, ran what I thought was a good quarter of the map to suddenly have it start attacking me again, I always net pack to higher ground if I can help it now


One time I was playing as Bucket and I didn’t see any beasties in sight and, being the idiot I am, forgot to put down Sentry Drones just in case. I started up my UAV, found the monster, had it very nearly tagged, and then I get slammed by a Dune Beetle. I just assumed I had over looked it. He no idea they actively searched for Hunters until today.


They have a HUGE aggro radius. It’s bloody funny seeing them run about in the distance because they’re after a way up to be after you. Chances are you didn’t see it because it was behind a wall. It just KNEW there was somebody in the distance to be an arse to.

They take first place for Shear’s biggest gits. Mammoth birds are second.


Mammoth Birds? Psh. Try Phantoms. Or Canyon Eels. Or, for the Monster, try Carrion Birds.


The only wildlife I can remember just kill things (besides the Hunters) without eating the victims are Tyrants and I think Megamouths. I’ve seen Dune Beetles eat things before (And Trapjaws eating their own kind o-o).


They Probably just kill for Sport.


It’s always been mega mouths for me as a hunter. It never fails once a game I get grabbed by what I thought was a boulder.


I think the megamouths do eat the hunters, because once when playing as Laz I couldn’t rez someone eaten by one