Dump Truck in the Dam-Stuck -Behemoth


Got stuck on the dump truk on the top right path in the dam map, trying to roll the ball interacted oddly when hitting it and I couldn’t move the way I wanted. When fighting I couldn’t move into the nook between the truck and the cliff edge, when it seemed like a fairly open space for behemoth.


Could you take some screenshots of it? That helps a lot in identifying what is causing the issue.


don’t have time to atm, will atcha later with one…but basically I tried rolling past it and and spun ina weird direction/didn’t really move past it at all, in ball form, had a fight go down by it and then I couldn’t reach a hunter because of some weird hitbox stuff


I got stuck/non-visually bigger on Weather Control, which could be related. I will try and reproduce this bug on the dam, though, since you seem to know where it started.

Theres a video in the above thread of the bug me and the OP are talking about, if anyone is curious.