Dude people still play wraith like a cowardly lion

i literally fought 3 wraiths who just kept running away even in the dome until stage 3 then we kicked its ass after half an hour which got me so bored i was failing asleep so these people are


Nice pic!.jpg

they just decoy and run .thank you for the compliment i guess

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Yes I hate the Decoy now…

ive been playing lennox and cant even touch them with the lance or leap smash because they just run

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Yeah its annoying that pubs fall for the decoy spam alot… also does the decoy have more range? Ive had places where I have been juggled in the air… not fun.

and not to mention it dosent stop attacking when shot like it use to

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Yup. People who play online games are like mice. They are attracted to only the cheesiest of tactics. Doesnt matter to them how they win as long as they do. Even if you lose to the decoy spam 'n run, dont feel bad. Just remember they are soulless cowards.

this is probably the face they make when they lose at stage 3


well i beat all 3 when they were stage 3 so

Basically this.

They gave wraith more armor to encourage players to actually engage.

Problem is, they didnt address the mechanics that players can easily use to be cheesy in the first place- So now all they do (most, not all, of course) is cheese it, with more armor.

In my experiences anyways.

then this is the face they make when they win

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im pretty sure im the only wraith who dosent run the whole match i actually fight at stage 1 and 2

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the second face of losing

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Well, if it makes you feel better, I engage at stage 1 and 2 and barely ever go to stage 3 ( because yeah, the fight tends to end when I engage for the second time ).

I think monster players in general need to start using dangerous wildlife to their advantage a whole lot more. This is how I’ve been winning most of the time. Pick your dome locations, monsters! You won’t ever feel like running again!

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ive only stage 3d once and that was with a really good torvald combo

Its unfortunate that some or most monsters do this

We need to address the player base as a whole.

Wraiths are still fleeing until three and refusing to fight on a consistent basis which is pretty stupid. Unfortunately the skills Wraith has encourages this cheesy play style since their traversals have the shortest cooldowns between use enabling them to just zip around.

Decoy is still the most annoying skill since it’s invincible for the entire duration no matter how much you shoot it (which is stupid IMO and needs a health bar) and still hits like a truck.

Warp Blast allows it to go in quickly, do damage and then spam traversals to get out.

Abduction is the one spell that probably takes some skill but most Wraiths just use it within 5-10m because it’s so easy to hit.

Giving it extra armor and more damage early on to do this cheesy play style just makes it even more annoying.

Nope your not the only one. I generally get found at stage 1 so I try take out a player for a strike (especially trapper in order to escape afterward) but when I get to stage two and have full armour, I WILL search for the hunters in order to get some more strikes before the final showdown.