Drunk while playing evolve


is good!!!..

luiv u guys plz k thanks zzzz


Just don’t ply to hard. :stuck_out_tongue:
#Evolve Responsibly.


I’d quote this but my heat hurts evolve responsibly or else your be as will be runny and you’ll be mad at everything and spell check will.correct you half the time.

Play safe kids. A message from.your m f friend slash person name zoom or heat sleep or Suzanne craft on XBL

Luv u cxxxxxxxzooooo [


I do this ALL the time. Evolve is 1000000000000000000000000000000000000% better when drunk.

As are most games.


Just fantastic.


pfff moiser and i did it first


Fixed a typo in the title.

Playing Evolve is a different thing from “plying” Evolve. And I seriously hope you were playing it…


Drunk is overrated… speed is the way to go!

Oh wait… I remember hearing about some players using speed as a sort of video game steroid…

Screw it! Where is the finest whine!?


Alcovolve is a fun game that my friends and I liked to play every now and then. Good times…good times…


I played Skyrim drunk once on New Years eve. I stole a crap tonne of Skooma and had an In-game binge. xD Whooo! Immersive games!


All this time, I thought I would still be good at vidyagames while drunk.

I was wrong.

I just got more mad.

This was the first time playing Evolve since RV was released. Is WL Maggie supposed to light everything on fire? Including when I’m 40+ meters away? Also, I didn’t know Tsgt Hank’s orbital lasts for fucking ever.


Yeah her burst pistol does burn damage. Her flame snare does burn damage, and well of course Daisy does.


deletes Evolve for the third time


Hey, I’ve done the same thing with Mortal Kombat X. That is, uninstalled reinstalled it multiple times.

The point is you’ll come back. They all come back.

Drunk Evolve might be fun, but this game might as well be crack.


I can’t vouch for Evolve, but playing Borderlands drunk changed the way I saw gaming for a while.


In a good or bad way?


I don’t think Evolve Anonymous was meant to be interpreted that way


Man, it was a beautiful experience


guyyzz dringgnin is badd kk?


Playing borderlands drunk was the smartest decision of my gaming career yet . I couldn’t handle it at first though.
I’m glad someone else knows the feeling.