Dropship Respawn Timer


During one game some random players and I were discussing the dropship timer and we had decided that a decent buff, but nothing too overpowering, would be to change the skydiving animation to fit the actual timer. For instance: Currently when a Hunter dies there is a 2 minute timer (I forget the actual length). Once that timer is up the dropship will then arrive and play the animation of the Hunter(s) that died dropping back onto the map. This animation last about 20 or so seconds, which in clutch situations can be a win or loss. A fix to this would be to play that 20 second animation during the last 20 seconds of the respawn timer to directly reflect the dropship arriving at that time.

TL;DR: The dropship timer should incorporate the skydive animation in the last 20 seconds of the timer rather than play it after the timer has already depleted.


I think that’s intentional, and that the time from death till touchdown and player control resumes is balanced.


The logic behind this is that after 2 minutes, spawning starts. Killing any remaining hunters within the timer is a win for the monster, killing remaining hunters after the timer is not (as a few people are now respawning)

Incorporating the drop within the timer would be extremely confusing, as now it can be used as a “survive at least this long” or “kill hunters before this time”. With your change, either hunters dropping get an instant heart attack and die if the monster kills the last remaining teammate or the hunter should be killed before a certain point of he timer that isn’t 0.


Yeah, i agree, the timer should take into account all this, 2 minutes is already too long when you’re in a stage 3 battle and the relay is in the final few strands of its HP, as said, it can be the case of a win/loss.


To be honest, if you’re in stage 3, the relay is almost done and you need to wait for a respawn it might just be a fair win for the monster.

Remember that a shorter respawn is a significant buff for the hunters.


When in the stated situation, if im the hunter still alive i try to take potshots at a distance to stop the monster doing damage but this has to undesired affect of drawing the monsters attention. This is when a slightly shorter timer would be a great gift from God/Buddha/Allah/RNGesus/TRS


If the timer get’s any shorter than 2 min, I (and probably many others) would be able to kite the monster until the dropship arrived without any trouble. It’s fine the way it is now.