Dropship Question


Ok, ok, I’m an idiot for not knowing the answer to this, but I don’t play hunter enough to know the answer to this. Does the Monster get 30 seconds before the hunters drop in on EVERY GAME MODE, or is it just on Hunt that he/she gets those 30 seconds?


I think just hunt


I know you don’t have to for defend, you just spawn in on the ground, but when you die you do go to the dropship.
Not sure for the other modes, don’t remember


And the dropship timer remains at 2 minutes for all game modes? Of course, on Defend, it’s 30 seconds?


I think it’s also that way on nest, correct me if i’m wrong of course, since i have no proof of this.


Sry guys but apart from defend you re wrong.
Defend: Both sides spawn at the same time, Hunters at the first generator, Monster somewhere nearby in the jungle with its first minion wave.
Nest: Hunters drop in from the Dropship just like in Hunt-Mode. Monster spawns nearby one of its eggs.
Rescue: Hunters drop in from the dropship and Monsters spwans randomly on the map

The only difference between Nest/Rescue and Hunt is that in Hunt the Monster starts of where the Hunters are dropping in half a minute later. In Nest/Rescue the monster spwans further away from the hunters


Holy shit really? Wow, that literally made evacuation mode about 100x more appealing to me.


I’ve been dying to play evacuation, I really feel the bonuses for winning will add a lot of flavor to the game. However, I feel like evacuation could land up being really annoying/boring if the skill gap between hunters and the monster is too big. A good monster stomping hunters for 5 rounds, or good hunters stomping the monster for 5 rounds, just doesn’t sound appealing.