Dropship OP (flys out of dome) funny vid


Playing defend, I could jetpack up and dome the drop ship. But drop ships are apparently exempt from the laws of the domes brutal confines. Any devs want to give a lore based reason for this to make this fun?



They did that for convenience sake I think, not really a bug


I’m sure. I just want lore reasons. =P


Ah, I see :grin:


It probably comes under the same reason as respawning. Just for gameplay purposes. :slightly_smiling:


I’m going to move this from ‘Bugs’ and change the name if that’s okay with you.

This isn’t a bug for many reasons.

A) If the dropship was bound by the dome it would get caught in it all the time and then glitch out until it disappeared, killed everyone, or the dome dropped.

B) The dropship is just a visual effect, it is not a solid object, theoretically if you could jetpack up into the dropship you’d phase right through it. It’s just an effect, not an actual solid model.

C) If the dropship could never leave for 60 seconds, that means a full minute before the effect despawns and a full minute before the dropship timer shows up again. Meaning it’d affect balance as well.

If someone feels I am wrong feel free to change the title and category again but I can promise you it’s not a bug :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a video of this as well :wink: hahaha.


I get clip happy what can I say.


Changed category to Community Content as that is what it is. Sorry Shreds


Huhh… who knew.


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