Dropship music?


Anyone know why they removed it? If it’s simply to hear dialouge better, turn it down?
And why does it still very rarely play?

I miss it, and got really excited when i heard it again. so far i’ve heard it about 5 times after release (in over 200 hunter games), why was it removed?

Better question, why was it not FULLY removed? :s seems rather odd, is it a bug that it’s still there? or is it a bug that it ISN"T there?

If you haven’t heard it, or forgetten heres a short vid (dunno why it’s shakey, but the audio is what is important

It also used to have a little Drum thing to build up tension right before the drop, which did not play when i heard it today.


I’m really hoping that they make it a thing. There’s more to that music too when the drop doors open there’s a nice heavy series of drumbeats to get the heart pumping. I hope they put it back in, but only when no dialog is being spoken on the dropship…for a change of pace.


The ambience soundscapes are really nice in Evolve, they should put in MOAR instead of taking them out.


Fully agree with OP, I really liked that drum-build up in big alpha/beta and was disappointed when it wasn’t there after release ^^


I think it was a nice touch with the music maybe we can get a devs attention and get it turned back on?


I miss the beta music


I’ve never heard this music in the final game, my sound music effect is maxed ofc.


MOAR Music ples TRS!




Thought this topic was to suggest playing music in the game before drop, please:


I will do whatever is in my simple power to work on getting it back.


should have just made it a little bit more quiet


I am afraid if I watch this movie soon, my Predator hype meter will raise so much I will have to buy MKX just for the Predator DLC…


Did they remove it? could have sworn last game I had the drums began beating when the hatch opened.


If we are making suggestions i’d like to make these two:



Oh my god if heaven and hell played in the dropship i would cry, that would be just perfect


AMAZING dropship audio sequence, I wish turtles bring it back! @MacMan?
Maybe make these pieces play when dropship dialogue is short, like when Maggie does a one liner “let’s kill it”?

p.s. Listening to it again, man it adds style to the whole thing. It is only alpha footage, yet to be honest, having played the game for 200h+ I feel my heart rate go up hearing this bassy drum lead you into the hunt.


I had the dropship music play not too long ago I’ll link a thread w/ proof.

Video wasn’t focused around the dropship music but it has it anyways.


It does still play, i have my own vid of it in the OP. haha it’s pretty rare though, heard it like 10 times out of 200+ since release.

Either they partially removed it and there is a bug making it paly sometimes, or it’s meant to be playing and there’s a bug preventing it from playing. either way, it’s pretty low priority i’d imagine ;(

Would be nice to get some confirmation on if it’s a bug or not, and if we’ll get it back.


Please bring back the dropship music. I’ve loved it so much since Alpha.

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