Dropship Locations?


I wanted to ask those data-gatherers on the forums about the potential hunter dropship locations. So, when the dropship comes in with the hunters to respawn, it picks a seemingly random location near the surviving hunters. Is there a set number of places on each map that allow a hunter respawn? If there is, then where are they? Also, if there are multiple hunters alive when the dropship arrives, which hunter does the game choose as the ‘respawn anchor’?

The answers might be useful for deciding how to position as the last hunter standing :smiley_cat:


This is a good question, I’m interested in the answer.


there are certain locations the dropship will go to on a map as the re-spawn. i dont think anyone has mapped them yet. as for a set number of them, it would probably depend on the map. like Broken hill Mines probably has a few, where as more open maps like Armory might have more. As for the re-spawn anchor, that is also a good question. its possible it may be random. it may choose the hunter with most or less life. it may choose the one closest or further away from the monster, or even the distance from the relay. however, i think it probably anchors to the one closest to a respawn location.

maybe this can be something @10shredder00 of The Index team can look into and keep an eye on it, if @white_hawke8 doesn’t know anything else about it.


I feel like certain maps have more. I don’t picture Aviary having more than three.


Yeah, I played a match the other day on Aviary and I ended up the last hunter standing as Jack. I was standing on a rock in very clear view of the relay (inside the biodome thingy), but the dropship respawned the rest of the hunters a little outside the nearest doorway, a pretty good distance away. A little weird IMO.


I’m fairly certain the answer is “Yes”.

I’ve never seen these locations before, but I don’t think I’ve ever spent a lot of time looking for them either. If I do find them, they’d probably just be X, Y, Z coordinates, and probably not even ones that could normally be reached since the dropship is so high up. I will spend some time searching for them this week.

I’m pretty sure this logic will be hard coded, and therefore not something I’ll be able to find. I have no idea how this works.


at least, not without spending an entire day doing it with at least 3 people (1 monster, 2 hunters)


From my understanding there are 4 locations in each map in which you spawn. “Corners” of maps are usually where you’ll soawn the most. Each spawn area has a 50-60m range until it switches to the other spawn. Aviary will be my example. On the left side of the map where tunnels are, if you enter the first tunnel adjacent to the Sloth then your team will spawn there. If you leave the tunnel but hug the wall that protects outside then you will still spawn there. If you go the second tunnel you need to be at least 60m away from the first tunnel to activate that spawn. The third tunnle has no spawn point. The fourth tunnle spawn can only be triggered if you are 60m away from the third tunnle.


Sounds legit. I kind of want to do some actual testing myself now :smiley_cat:


Try it out on other maps. See if it’s different.


I’ve searched for these for a few hours now. I haven’t found these. I will keep an eye out for them, but I don’t know where they are stored for the time being.


Hm. It’s really not that important, I was just wondering because it might be to the last hunter standing’s advantage to know exactly where his/her teammates are going to end up coming back. Maybe not though. It was just a thought.


You couldn’t find what I was describing?


I agree it’s good information. If I ever do find this I’ll post it.

I’m saying I couldn’t find the X, Y, Z coordinates of those places. I believe the system works approximately the way you described.


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